I love camping out in the mountains to fish and hunt with friends and family. Then too, summer time beckons me and family to camping in the backyard with fun-filled evenings and nights playing games and telling scary stories to the kids. It’s nice to be close to the bathroom, too. We fill our ice chest cooler with homemade potato salad, sodas, and of course a nutrition-filled green salad with veggies and fruits that the kids must eat!

We build a small campfire to roast hot dogs—it’s allowed where we live. The air is dry without humidity and everyone stays cool and comfortable all night long.

My interest in wildflowers and their fragrance comes from my youth when visiting the woods with my parents. Many are endangered so I only capture them with my camera and not pick them as I did when I was young. I thought they would be here forever!

Taking the RV camping is for when we want to be gone many days. It doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg to take a road trip and enjoy the sights with each other. Find a nice campground or find a secluded area where you and your family can be alone. It is so much fun to hike and see the scenery in the great out of doors. I am always refreshed, yet not too ready to get back to work after I leave.

When you go on a trip away from home be sure to take several pairs of camping shoes and hiking boots. You will probably need sweaters or jackets for cool nights or rain. What about bugs? Depending on where you go you might need Deet bug killer and maybe netting. And don’t forget the pup tents unless you are RVing your trip. We have a very good tent for keeping the rain out. You might want sleeping bags for each person. Mummy bags are very warm and zip to your throat, but I always feel like a “mummy”—as if I am suffocating!

Blankets are necessary as well. Take some extra clothes in a pillowcase or duffle bag for not taking up a lot of space. Suitcases are not suited for camping trips as far as I’m concerned. We usually forget the lanterns and flashlights!—and the sunblock.

As for food, we put frozen vegetables and meat in the cooler and put dry items such as beef jerky, peanut butter, trail mix, dry cereal and canned goods into grocery bags. We always try to find a place to fry our freshly caught fish and cook what we catch for dinner or breakfast.

Always keep your dishes, food and cooler inside your tent to keep them cool and out of the sun. It will be easier for when you leave to go home.

As I write this, I am ready to go on a weekend trip! I hope you visit our website often and go to many links not always associated with camping.