Air O Swiss S450 Digital Steam


Many types of humidifiers have been launched to meet customer demand. But you will be lost among a thousand different models because of their confusing features, designs or sizes. I’m an example myself. For a while, I had tried many kinds which come with a filter system like big-fan or ultrasonic models.

However, all of them couldn’t solve my issue. My family is big and dry and hot air always goes around my home from room to room. These are the reasons that make my family’s health worst. Thanks to a lot of reviews on the internet, I finally found the right model for my family: the Air O Swiss S450 Digital Steam Humidifier.

Excellent filter and spraying system

Air-O-Swiss S450 Digital Steam Humidifier
Our Rating: 3.8 / 5
This machine is different from the other models. For example, the old-fashioned ones eject stream like a big drop water. It actually makes the moisture level in room higher than normal and everything seems wetter. That truly creates a good environment for bacteria to grow. But the AOS S450 is not like that. The stream is let out into the air from the top of the unit and brings a light mist into the room. I can feel the burning air dwindling down instead of the comfortable air.

Easy to use and to clean up

One plus point is counted for it because I don’t have to worry about the difficulty in filling up the water tank. When I remove the tank and put the water into it, there is no dripping all over the place. With this, it’s easier to clean up or get rid of all the dirt. That helps me to avoid some annoyances I don’t want to experience.

It has an auto setting and customizable buttons on the panel. I can set it on or off whenever I want. In dry seasons, I have it turned on for almost the whole day and only turned off for a few hours. I usually use it in the night when my children get in bed to help them have a good dream with healthy breath.

Moreover, there is a number to display the humidity level on the unit. With this function, I can set any humidity percent in response to the hot air level in room.

Some problems of Air O Swiss S450

This device is quite loud. It makes louder noises than my microwave. It may or may not bother you but for me it is really fine. While I’m doing housework (cleaning, washing, etc.), I don’t hear or feel its sound at all. However, for sensitive people who can feel that noise, it truly bothers. So I recommend that in this case, you should let it work for a few hours before bed time. It will help a lot!

It’s big of course. So I can’t use it in small rooms or spaces because it can raise the moisture to a high level, which brings many problems to my family’s health. In small rooms, its features will not work very well. On other hand, it makes me disappointed a little because the amount of stream coming out is not as much as I imagined it would be given the unit’s size.


Overall, besides some issues that I have mentioned above, there is no complain about it. I totally love this device. It not only works well but also has amazing feature. Moreover, I’m contented with its modern design (its size is suitable for rooms or living spaces or air around children). I recommend this product for someone who is looking for a humidifier for baby or a room humidifier. With a low cost, you can get one for your family and enjoy its features from top to toe. Just one click is needed to find out more information about the Air O Swiss S450 Digital Steam Humidifier and then feel how well it works.

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