Air Purifier vs Ionizer: The differences

To overcome the draconic weather, people usually equip some items for their family, such as air purifier or the ionizer. Although they have learned about these two types, they cannot distinguish them to buy the most suitable one to meet all their needs. So, today, we will introduce the simplest way to classify the air purifier vs ionizer.

Nowadays, the development of the economy is proportional to the environment pollution. In fact, this affects to not only human’s life, but also the weather. Because of this reason, in recent years the weather has become more and more hard and fast. Normally, in the summer, it’s too hot so that people cannot stand. Moreover, in the cold days, the climate is so cold that ends up to frozen, in addition, makes the death of a lot of animals on earth. To outweigh this situation, people have a tendency to buy machines which can help them escape from the weather changes as well as keep the fresh air in their house.

Healthy air: air purifier vs ionizer

The air purifier and the ionizer can meet these requirements. They can keep the reasonable temperature inside the house and filter pollutants to return you a clean air. Additionally, they can protect you from allergies factors such as pollen, fungi, pet dander, and smoke. Both the air purifier and the ionizer can prevent harmful elements which can result in dangerous diseases like lung cancer. The similarity among them usually makes us confuse. Therefore, how can we distinguish?

Air Purifier vs Ionizer

The air purifier

The mechanism of the air purifier is completely different from the ionizer. This machine lets air go through the filter which will keep the contaminants as dust, smoke… This feature can erase your consciousness about the dust in the space that can have adverse effects on your children’s health. In addition, raising a pet is no more your nightmare, even when you hate the fleece. With the high technology, this equipment allows you to remove 99.97 percent of the pollutants, including things with the large size and the smallest size. It works more effectively to stop dust, smoking, or pollen in the outside from entering your house.

Although the filter of the air purifier cannot reach the level of HEPA filter, it also has the ability of preventing bad factors. If you buy an air purifier with an activated carbon filter, it can throw the waste in the plates out. If not, you can wash your machine regularly to avoid purchasing the new air purifier in a short period.


The Ionizer is also responsible for filtering the air. The ions are released to collect negative pollutants which can cling to the ground, walls, furniture, and items in the room to bring the fresh air back. Besides, some ionizers can be linked to the electric to keep the microbes.

Although the function of the air purifier and the Ionizer is undeniable, they have their own limitation. The air purifier just discards the airborne dust depending on either the mechanical system or the electrostatic system. Many contaminants are released into the air, so they can eliminate the purifier. Moreover, both these items contain the irritant which is not good for respiratory patients. The final element, the mechanism of action often makes noise pollution. Sometimes, it can make people to be insomnia at night and has bad influences to people’s health. There are many situations that folks cannot stand the noise caused from the air purifier and the ionizer. Then, they suffer the insomnia. It has become worse and worse. Their family has no way, except buying fans and heater to replace them. So, before you make a decision of purchasing, you should learn about it.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, with this sharing you can have more experience to choose the best one, which is not only suitable for your space, but also make sure of your family’s security. Many people said that they just focus on the price when they buy an air purifier or an ionizer. However, the price is not all the things. They should take them into consideration, and then think carefully which one is really fit to your need. Wish you have smart selection with our instruction.

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