How to pick the room Humidifier : Dry Skin and Nose

Have you ever suffered from the terrible feeling as your skin and nasal mucosa are painfully cracking because of the dryness? It is not only terrible, but also bad for your health. Do not let this continue anymore. Find the best room humidifier and every problem will be solved.

A room humidifier is a small household equipment which adds more moisture to the air. By balancing the room’s humidity, the best humidifier helps your skin stay soft and smooth, thus reducing delete dehydration and wrinkles formation. Moreover, it will make it easier for you to breath, reduce respiratory diseases and protect you from dry eyes and hair.

On the internet, there are a lot of posts showing how to choose the best humidifier. But do you know how to use and maintain it, so as to prolong its life and keep it always at the best condition?

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Below are a few tips you should pay attention to when using a room humidifier.

  1. Use clean water for your humidifier.

Even the best room humidifier can suffer from contaminated water. Contaminants in the water will clog the humidifier’s engine and pipes, causing damages and electricity leaks. It will also have dangerous effects on your health as these contaminants are released into the air. So you have to make sure that your water is clean.

Moreover, tap water which contains minerals also not good for the operation of the humidifier. When released into the air through the moisture, these minerals can bind to your furniture and turn into white dust.

You may also inhale some minerals that are dispersed into the air. If your tap water has a high concentration of minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc and other heavy metals, you should think of using demineralized or distilled water instead.

  1. Clean the water tank frequentlyroom humidifier water tank

Every humidifier has at least one water tank, which needs to be full of water while the equipment is operating. However, if it is always wet, you will have to face mold, bacteria issues and health problems. Therefore, if you let it operate throughout the night, you should remove all the water left and clean the tank the next day’s morning.

Even if it is not used frequently, you also should clean and dry it periodically to make it ready when needed.

  1. Change humidifier filters periodically

Almost all the best room humidifier has filter, which can effectively retain a lot of dirt, mold and bacteria, preventing them from getting released into the air. Therefore, this filter is often very dirty and needs to be changed regularly. At least you should follow the frequency the manufacturer recommends, or even often if you think it is time to have a new filter.

With these above tips, you could take advantage of your room humidifier and prolong its life. If you are interested in buying the best room humidifier, click here to find out many features of humidifiers

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