Reasons You Shouldn’t Clean and Reuse a Disposable Air Filter

Disposable Air Filter is really useful and comfortable, you don’t need to spend time for cleaning up or maintaining like the permanent or semi-permanent and reusable filters. You just take it out from the cabinet and replace the new and fresh one. Some people think that they can save them by cleaning and reuse them like the permanent filter. You shouldn’t do that, the fact that it is a bad idea.

Should we use Disposable Air Filter

I will give you some reasons why you shouldn’t clean and reuse disposable air filter.

Can be damaged when washing and cleaning because of Material

First of all, you cannot wash and clean this kind of filter because of its material.

If you usually use the disposable filters, you may know they are made from paper or some materials like that so when you wash the disposable filters, you can directly damage them.

In addition, when you wash the disposable filters, the bacteria/microbes or germs can grow, will affect to air flow and quality of the air at the end.

Furthermore, when handling the disposable filters, someone doesn’t wash them, instead, they shake all the things (dust, mold, hair….) out to make them clean, and not to need to change a new one and save money, they think this is the easiest way. However, that action can damage the filters, though you don’t mean that. Just a small hold of tearing, the filter cannot use anymore.

In my opinion, this is the important reason why you have to think again that you should or should not reuse the disposable air filter.

Cannot reach Inner Fibers

Dirty Air FilterWhen you use filter for times, the filter contains many contaminants (dust, bacteria, dirt, hair, pet hair….). Those contaminants stick deep into the fibers of filter, we cannot extract and clean the inner fibers. Day by day, the contaminants will prevent the air passing through, your system and machine can be damaged terribly because of that reason.

Now you can see the permanent filters and reusable filters also meet this situation and one more comfortable thing of disposable one, that if we replace after using and use it follow direction, you won’t worry about the effectiveness anymore.

This is the 2nd reason, and seem like if you read to here, it’s reasonable for you to change the idea about cleaning and reusing the disposable air filters. But I will give you one more reason to give up.

Mold can grow because of wet and moist

Prevent Mold in HumidifierLast but not least, the disposable filters,  as I said, made from paper, do not shed the water after they are wet so that the filters can contain the moisture. I think all people know that the mold and bacteria are grown up by moisture.

The retain water and moisture can encourage the improvement of mold, day by day. This won’t be good for the system and also won’t be good for your house. The system can spread the mold to everywhere in your house. When you reuse the disposable filters, someday you will get surprised and disappointed because you realize that your machine doesn’t work well anymore, your house isn’t clean anymore. Actually, the reason is because of the filters.

Just three reasons but I hope that is enough for you to realize that we shouldn’t reuse disposable air filters for any purposes. If you want to save money, you can use reusable filters instead.  Anyway, you don’t do that because disposable filters can’t reuse. In fact, I still prefer disposable one for my machine most, just replace after using and I can save more money and time than spending for cleaning and maintaining.

How do you think? Share with me your tips.

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