Common mistakes when Buying and Using Dehumidifier

Dehumidifier is now a device that is not too strange to people anymore. The products have crept into all areas with different address from the factories, industrial parks, agricultural preservation zones, office government, office, hotel … or your cozy home. Although dehumidifier is considered as a very reliable, very infrequent failures electric machine, you also need to know some common mistakes to avoid when buying and using dehumidifier, how to resolve and overcome these mistakes.

Things to consider when buying and using dehumidifier

When buying a dehumidifier if you pay much attention to the origin of the machine, you should note that not all machines produced in Europe would dehumidify effectively as desired when being used in different regions like tropical climate or dry weather.

Because these machines are manufactured based on climatic conditions and the lifestyle of their countries, although maybe it ensures good quality but when brought to your religion, the climatic differences can lead to machine no longer relevant.

Dehumidifier Chart - Pint Capacity

Normally, for requirement of high relative humidity from 45% ~ 60% and dew point temperature of the environment should be handled > 10 ° C, the device should be used for dehumidifying with the form of condensation described by the principle of dehumidified diagram as follows:

Air is drawn into the dehumidifier => Gas in blocks of dehumidifiers will freeze the moisture in the air into the liquid water => The water will flow into the container => Dry air will be blown out through the ventilating system.

Through a recent experiment has showed that: All kinds of dehumidifiers which are put into trial operation do not lead to the same result. There are some cheap dehumidifier brands like Fujie, Edison, Aikeno … are capable of dehumidifying very well; some good brands of dehumidifiers, more expensive, more energy so that the power consumption is higher. Some use less energy or during machine operation has lower noise levels.

Thus, good dehumidifiers are not necessarily the highest price. But dehumidifiers whose prices are too low or too cheap are not ensured for the good quality. For the examples of many kinds of smuggled family dehumidifiers, they are sold rampant in the market and supermarkets in many countries. You just spent $25 – $40 and are able to buy one. At first, these units also operate very efficiently, but just a few months later, the problem appears with many failures related to hygroscopic as well as machine operators.

With poor quality dehumidifiers, you just need a little attention and a closer inspection to notice immediately the content of the product which is not as advertised. Like this:

  • – Those types of dehumidifiers are generally very cheap.
  • – Quality of the sieve and filter are not high.
  • – Dehumidifier design looks uncertain, some parts such as sieve, water tank … are difficult to install.
  • – Water tank is made from thin material, which is rather easily cracked.
  • – No brand names or unclear logo.
  • – No warranty card or warranty information on the card is very vague.

Some common mistakes when using dehumidifier

The water suddenly flows out

Maybe you’ve put it in an awkward position, leaning back or if the machine has water pipes, the pipes may have been dust or foreign objects sealed. You need to check and frequent sanitary pipe

Machine is underactive or does not dehumidify much moisture

Buying and using Dehumidifier

It is time to check out the dust filter; also you need to clean regularly every two weeks. Another case is that the drawing fan and the vent have something stuck insides, let’s check and remove the stuck object.

Check whether the room is closed or not because if the door or the windows are open, dehumidifier will not work well.

If after the examination of all the above factors but the machine is still performing poorly, you should contact maintenance unit to carry out the repairs.

Machine is suddenly inactive

Need to check your plug sockets in case you may forget plug the power, or in cases that the power or the wires are broken. Sometimes it can be due to a blown fuse.

Do not have water on the tank but the machine still works

This error rarely occurs, or only happens when the new time machine so you need to check carefully, this is a mistake of the manufacturer so you will be assured to get the refund or get a new one from the unit supplying the good for you.


Not all the dehumidifiers can offer you the best quality as they are on the advertisements, so, be a smart customer to consider carefully which one is suitable and which brand is reliable enough to purchase from. Besides, do not forget to keep in mind some common mistakes on buying and using dehumidifier to avoid.

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