Dehumidifier Safety Tips

Nobody can deny the use of a dehumidifier which are keeping the air in the space always dry and preventing it from the absorption of high moisture. However, alongside its wonderful functions, there are many cases that the device causes the fire to the apartment. Due to some researches, during the past decade, there are about 643 accidents involving to the household appliances, among them, about 35 cases have the relation to the dehumidifier.

Dehumidifier Safety Tips

Therefore, these accidents are like the awaken bell for us to pay more attention to the safety guidelines to enjoy this device in the best way. If you are looking for safety tips, this article is here to give you some.

7 Dehumidifier Safety Tips when Using

Firstly, you need to know how to install a dehumidifier in your house. Before setting up, you should calculate the moisture level in the air you intend to place in order to know exactly which kind you ought to choose. You can use a hygrometer or the humidistats to do this step.

While putting the dehumidifier, you must keep in mind this rule, always place the device away from the wall at least 30 cm to make sure that it can draw the moisture in as well as release the dry air outside easily. In the other hand, you need to be sure that the surrounding areas of the tool must be in the dry condition and does not contact with other appliances. Remember not to place it near the flammable devices or heat sources to prevent it from many unnecessary accidents.

When there is no one at home, you should turn off the dehumidifier to make sure there is no accident occurring to the house. Or you can choose the one that has the extra functions of auto turn off or the timer to shut down automatically after a determining time period.

Home DehumidifierOn rainy days or humid weather, many people use the dehumidifier to dry out their clothes as well as the pillows or blankets, but this way is not recommended at all for safety reason. There used to be some cases that the fire is caused when the clothes fall down and cover the ventilation system of the device. Therefore, you need to be careful when using the machine for this purpose even though there is this function on the introduction.

Not only for the dehumidifier in particular speaking, but also for all plug – in machines in general, you should check the power cord regularly to find out any exposed wires. Do not make use of the damaged one because it can cause many accidents such as fire risks. And remember to not pull on the cord while zthe device is operating.

During the winter days or dry weather when you do not have to use the dehumidifier for a long time, you should turn off the power as well as empty and clean the water tray. Before remove the tray, you should unplug the device deftly or you may get shock because of the electricity. Do not forget to place the device in dry place and away from humid condition to make sure that water or the moisture cannot absorb into the tool and damage some parts of it.

The dehumidifier works well in the temperature around 21 degrees. If it is below 18 degrees, the ice will be formed and then you ought to unplug it, wait for the thaw.

While the device is running, you need to close all the doors and the windows of the room. Close the bathroom, toilets and turn on the air inlet fan after use so that moisture does not penetrate into the room having a dehumidifier. If possible, you should combine with ventilation system to reduce humidity in the room.

Follow the instructions of the manufacturer. Contact the service facility to check the detection of abnormalities (machine sonorous, no smoking is moisture, automatically turn on or off…), repair, and maintenance.


Many people usually care about the using instruction, but ignore the safety guideline and do not know the importance of this option. Dehumidifier safety guideline not only keeps your machine safe, but also makes sure you and your house always in the best condition.

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