DIY Diffuser with 3 simple Steps

People love their house to be inundated with a gentle and relaxing fragrance that comes from essential oil diffusers. By the method of breaking down the essential oil into many tiny molecules blowing in the air, those diffusers play an important role in sterilizing and cleansing the air, bring to the users a comfortable and calm environment that helps them to reduce stress, memory improvement, sickness preclusion, and many other great benefits.

DIY Diffuser - Homemade Diffuser

As the essential oil diffuser has a lot of profits, its price is rather high on the market, which is a little bit difficult for some of us to get one. Have you ever thought of DIY diffuser(make your own) at home? This article will give you the 3 steps to make one:

Firstly, you need to prepare those things:

  • A container: it may be a glass with a narrow neck
  • Some reed diffusers or bamboo skewers: About 5 reeds are used for spreading the scent. Here is a tip: if they are double the height of the container, the scenting capability of the diffuser will be increased.
  • Water: About ¼ cup taps.
  • Vodka: about ¼ cup.
  • Essential oil: choose your favorite essential oil (like lavender or rose with very gentle scent) or the one that suitable for you (like ginger essential oil for the cure)

Now, let’s get started.

DIY Diffuser – 3 Steps:

1. Choosing a suitable container:

The narrower of the bottle’s neck is, the longer lasting of your essential oil fragrance oils. Besides, you can choose a bottle with special form or nice colors such as: flower vase, vintage bottle, or just a glass bottle with a cute bow on its neck, so forth and so on to make your space more beautiful.

2. Blend your oil:

Blend you Essential OilsMixing ¼ cup of vodka with your essential oil that helps the oil to move up through the reeds fast and send out its fragrance. You can use alcohol instead of vodka, but restrain using water because it draws oil up very slowly.

After blending, you heat the amount of water you have prepared firstly until warm but not boiling, then pour into your bottle, along with the mixture of the essential oil and vodka. You can mix one or combine many kinds together and here are some suggests:

  • Jasmine + lemon
  • Orange + anise + cedar wood
  • Sassafras + rosemary
  • Geranium + peppermint
  • Lavender + oregano

Shake your diffuser bottle steadily or use one of your fingers, plug it into it and stir the mixture slightly.

3. Add reeds into the oil:

Place some reeds into the essential oil bottle and let them set for about an hour to spread the fragrance. You can put more than 2 reeds, but 5 ones for a bottle are sufficient. After a determined period of time (about a week), you have to replace new reeds to the bottle.

Finally, place your own diffuser in an ideal place such as a bedroom, office or your living room, (makes sure that it is away from electronic appliances) and enjoy the gentle scent soaking your space.

Easy, right? Now you can easily have “DIY Diffuser” at home and enjoy!

Hope you like it!

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