Essential Oils for a Better Sleep and Relaxation

Better sleep and relaxation are important parts of life but unfortunately, some people can’t get a really good sleep, they have trouble to fall asleep and usually can’t sleep tightly at night. Are you one of them?

If you do not like to take too many pills just to get a better sleep and try to look for another natural material, here are some essential oils can use with diffusers, which can help you to have a better sleep and relaxation.

Top 8 Essential Oils for better Sleep and Relaxation

Lavender oil

Always comes with lavender oil first. It is popular and absolutely famous around the world. You may hear too much this wonderful essential oil and we all believe that it is helpful indeed. Lavender smells good and its scent brings a romantic feeling but here I’m going to share some health aspects of lavender with you. This will not only help to take a nice sleep but also to remain asleep. It is very calming, sweet and fresh. You can easy to find qualitative lavender oil at any markets. Its calming and balancing effects create a better mood, relive the stress and bring you a peaceful mind relaxation.



Sandalwood creates relaxed state of mind. It improves memory and also keeps your brain and relaxed. This oil induces calmness and positive thoughts, also prevent you from stress, restlessness and anxiety. True sandalwood may be expensive; however, it is still a wonderful essential oil for our relaxation and I think it is worth buying. You can mix it with bathing water or simply use it with some other lotions like lavender, ylang ylang, rose as an aromatic blend.


Macro shot of wild camomiles over white

Macro shot of wild camomiles over white

This kind of essential oil helps you to clear your mind, create better mood and of course, it helps you to get a better sleep and relax your body. There are 2 kinds of chamomile that suits for heath purpose and bring the calming effect, the first one is Roman chamomile and the other is chamomile German. Roman chamomile has herbaceous scent, sedative and relaxing properties. It is more popular and may be considered as the most effective chamomile. You can use chamomile by diffusing it or inhaling it. These are best ways. And to those who want to make a great and strong blend with chamomile, you should mix it with lavender essential oil. Some more safety information: it may be not good for those who have sensitive skin and in their pregnancy.


Valerian is an herb. Medicine is made from the root. Vetiver oil can help when you are under pressure, stress and try to recover from some emotional situations or shock accidents. The oil is extracted from the roots of the plant. If you are trying to find the way to “turn-off” your brain at night and get a tight sleep, this oil will do their job. Its smell is really natural, fresh, calming.

Valerian root essential oil

It has the calming effect when you under stressed. Valerian root oil is added to bath water to help with restlessness and sleep disorders. This oil is used to help people sleep without sleeping pills and frequently combined with hops or lemon oil or other herbs, it depends on the purpose and the scent you like.



Jasmine is a famous flower and jasmie essential oil is extracted from its flowers. Its sweet smell is attractive and also has internal applications, reduce signs of insomnia. It is an ideal tool for remaining in deep sleep. My suggestion is that you should buy pure jasmine oil because some other products made from jasmine flower do not have many properties.


This essential oil can penetrate the blood-brain barrier thanks to the sesquiterpenes in it. Its most common use is to help you to sleep and relive the stress so that it brings you a better relaxation after work and troubles in life. It can be combined with all other oils.



This is one of my favourite essential oils. I have used it for months and its work was amazing. I felt really peaceful and fresh. It is useful if you want to gain the balance of emotions after stress situations. It is easy to use. You can add it to food or water just like a simple supplement. You should remember to avoid applying bergamot before going outside under the sunlight. It may hurt your sensitive skin.

How can you buy these Oils?

Simply, go through Amazon website and search the best one you like. Hope you like it!

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