Essick Air MA1201

Essick Air MA1201

Nowadays, humidifier has become more common in our life. You may find it in many households or stores around the city. Indeed, this machine is not only creates a sense of comfort for users but it also maintain a healthier life as well. The Essick Air MA1201 humidifier is one of the devices which is recommended by many customers. Some people even said this is the best humidifier for baby. But, is the Essick Air as good as they said? Is it the best humidifier yet? Let find out the answer in this article.

Why Essick Air MA1201?

Ordinary design

This machine doesn’t have an appealing appearance. For me, it looks like a white sewing machine. Its dimension is about 40 x 60 x 53 centimeters, quite small. In addition, the unit has easy-roll casters. So thanks to it, you are able to move the MA1201 from room to room, downstairs to upstairs when necessary. Besides, the unit is covered by plastic which is easy to clean up. On the top, we have a small screen (maybe it is a digital screen) with 3 buttons, including power, adjustable humidity and speed fan.

I think the size of buttons may make users who have big fingers feel uncomfortable because it’s hard to push correctly. But, we should not judge the Essick Air by its appearance. Next, let see what it could do when air becomes too moisture.

Great performance

Essick Air MA1201 Whole-House Humidifier
Our Rating: 3.9 / 5

According to information from producer, the Essick Air MA1201 humidifier can be used for whole house up to 2500 square feet (about 232 square meters). But, in my opinion, with capacity of collecting water up to 12 gallons per day (about 45 liters), this device is a room humidifier. Of course, if humidity in air is not too high, you can still place it in opened space in order that the unit dry whole house.

Although this great capacity, tank capacity is just 3.4 gallons (12 liters). That means you may have to empty tank, same time, because I don’t know, for sure, if there is another drainage system in it. Inside, it has strong fan with 4 speeds, helping humidification done faster. But when running with 4th speed, it’s little noisy.

Impressive features

If its performance doesn’t catch your attention, so maybe its features will.

  • First, you can set humidity level by yourself. It can be set from 25% to 65%.
  • Second, using evaporative humidification, the Essick produces healthy air catch flu and allergies. That’s why this unit is considered as humidifier for baby.

It not only creates comfortable air but also healthy air for children. Because inside the device, it has an automatic dry-out mode, which reduces bacteria growth on filter. Moreover, the filter is MAF-1, which already helps to reduce mold and mildew.

Beside, filter is easily to wash. Then, the Essick Air is able to shut off automatically when humidity level is reached. Which also means you electric bill doesn’t too high as you may think. Like I said above, the product has 4 speed fan.

Furthermore, it can also automatically adjust fan speed, makes humidity level reached faster and then automatically turns down. And finally, the unit also has the check filter indicator, refill light indicator. That’s a lot of benefits in just one small unit!


So, in the end, there are reasons that makes the Essick Air MA1201 survives in wide humidifier market. It gained our attention by its benefits, especially for health, beside others features. In my opinion, this unit should be place in bedroom so it could be a good investment. Each humidifier has its own pros and cons. If this one meets your requirements, don’t hesitate to dismiss its disadvantages. However, keep in mind that, you should check out products with various functions in market before making any decision. You can read more reviews on our sites to find some suggestions.


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