Gun Safe Dehumidifier for Hunters

When you purchase a Gun Safe, you have completed the first step of protecting your weapon from many other appliances that can cause harm to it. Even though it is a strong weapon, there is still one thing that can defeat it easily. That is the moisture. If you live in a tropical climate or in the regions that have high moisture over the year, you need to consider to saving your gun from the attachment of humidity. There are many ways to keep your gun firearms dry, but a Gun Safe Dehumidifier seems to be the best choice. If you are wondering why, this article will give you the answer.

Gun Safe Dehumidifier

1. Causes of moisture

There are hundreds of ways for the moisture to invade your firearms and make it rusty. Humidity always presents in the air whether you are able to notice it or not. In some houses, when the humidity is higher than the standard, you can recognize it easily through the mold climbing on the walls and ceiling or just the dusty smell uncomfortably. For those who live in tropical countries, the humidity will present higher in the house and if they place their Gun Safe in the basement or in near the bathroom, your weapon are facing the risks of moisture invasion.

2. How many ways to keep the Gun Safe dry?

Actually, there are two popular ways to keep your gun from moisture, which are Dehumidifier and Silica packs.

DehumidifierGun Safe Dehumidifier: This is an electrical device that does the function of drawing out of space all the humidity. It is also the best way to save your gun and keep it always in good condition. The good dehumidifier is not expensive as well. It has a rod with 12’ to 18’ length and works by heating the surface of the rod up to 140 degrees to keep the inside environment of the safe at a constant temperature. By using heat, the dehumidifier plays an important role in decreasing the moisture level insides lower than the outsides, which keep the gun out of rust.

The silica packs: another way to save the Gun from humidity is using silica packs. This is a material that is able to absorb the moisture into it to keep the surrounding area dry and free of humidity. It is usually found inside a bake or moon cake or leather items. These packs can be bought online with reasonable prices. For gun, you ought to put at least 3 packs of silica to make sure there is no moisture inside the safe in addition to not allowing them to touch any parts of your weapon. The reason is very simple, the packs themselves cannot do harm on the gun, but due to its function of taking up the moisture so they contain it insides. If you let them touch the gun, the moisture insides will have a chance to attach it and make it rusty or corrosion.

Silica Gel Packs

Another way to keep the Gun save from moisture is choose type of the case with sealant systems built in. This material includes foam, silicone … that can prevent the moisture outside absorbed into the case and damage the gun.

3. Why you need a Gun Safe Dehumidifier?

Dehumidifier for Gun SafeAmong the three ways above, the dehumidifier is the most popular. In fact, many hunters choose to use this for protecting their Rifles/Guns and keep them safety. To know the reason why, why do not we take a comparison between a dehumidifier and a case as well as a dehumidifier and the packs?

For the first comparison: when talking about the prices, of course the silica packs will be the winner, as it is the cheapest way. However, if mentioning about the life circles that a pack and a dehumidifier can be to save the gun, the dehumidifier on the contrary wins. Because after a few months, those pack will be unable to take up the moisture into it anymore and you will need to replace it while the dehumidifier can do this job forever, and whenever you like. In details, even though the price of the pack is cheaper than the Dehumidifier but it is not much if you think about the times of using and the times of replacing.

For the second comparison: Pay attention to the function and the life circle, these two items are much the same. But when talking about the prices, you will recognize the difference easily as the dehumidifier cost much cheaper than a case with sealant system.


Preventing the Gun Safe from high moisture is very essential to maintain the overall condition from the outlook to the content of the weapon. You should check for any sign of rusty on it regularly and consider to choosing a suitable ways to keep it always dry.

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