Homemade Humidifier: Should you make one?

Waking up in the morning and you find that you throat is too dry to lubricate, and the same case with your sinuses, it is the time to get a humidifier at your living space. However, your tight budget does not allow you to get the best device. Do not worry, it does not mean that you cannot own a good humidifier yourself, because you are absolutely able to make a homemade humidifier at home

Purchasable or home – made

Even though, get a purchasable humidifier is more convenient than doing the DIY job to create a homemade one, there are many other disadvantages that you may not know:

DIY Humidifier

The energy: In the cold days, especially in the winter, the air is dry gradually and the moisture cannot balance at all, that is time your purchasable humidifier has to work harder than ever, which means it will cost more energy to run and work well. And a result is your electricity bill every month during the season will increase rapidly. For those who are on a tight budget, this is not good at all.

The prices: Although on the market now there is a wide range of prices to choose for a suitable humidifier, the money you spend on make a homemade tool is still much cheaper. Besides, while the purchasable one can offer you some extra functions such as auto shut down or restart, the timer, so forth and so on to help you save energy as much as possible, the homemade one do not need those functions as it does not use energy. Therefore, it is much simpler to use.

The most basic function of a humidifier is using the water, steaming it, and vaporizing into the air. With the simple concept – increase the moisture in the air, you think whether it is essential to purchase a machine or not while you are in tight budget. You can use the alternative method but can offer the same effect like the purchasable one. And that is the reason why this article about DIY series: homemade humidifier here.

Homemade Humidifier naturally

Actually, there are many ways to make a homemade humidifier naturally at home, and here are some:

Make use of your heater

GlassIf you have a heater in your house, you can use it as a humidifier officially by placing a glass of water on it. This is the easiest and most effective way to humidify the air. Don’t worry about the case your glass breaks in high heat as it will not in the heater. Just notice to place the heater and the glass away from your pets or your furniture deftly lest it may cause fire.

By this method, all you need to do is just putting the glass of water on the heater and let it evaporate. Also, you can make use of this way to create an essential oil diffuser by drop some small tears of the oil you want into the glass. The heat will allow the effects to bring into play and you can get some extra benefits, not just the air moisture balance.

Hot shower

If your bathroom connects with many other rooms, you can use this method to create a homemade humidifier naturally at home. On the contrary, if there is no connection between rooms, it is not able to help much.

As we all know how a humidifier run, it steams the water and vaporizes into the air. Through this concept, you apply it on the hot shower method. All you need to do is just letting the door open while taking hot shower to allow the evaporated water to blow into other rooms and balance the moisture.

Grow some houseplant

Do you know? A plant can take the responsibility of balance the air moisture very well through a process called transpiration. The water movement can be carried out through some parts of a plant like leaves, flowers or even the stems. You can make use of this natural process to create a natural humidifier at home. Choose some suitable houseplants to fit with the space you intend to place them in and let it bring into play all of it efforts.

Homemade Humidifier: houseplants

A houseplant can offer you many other functions, not just a natural humidifier, like bring up the vitality to your living space, make your house look warmer during these winter days and more importantly, it makes the atmosphere always clean and clear.


It is not difficult to make a DIY humidifier as there are hundreds ways to do. It just depends on your favor as well as your condition to choose the best suitable method for your house and your health. A little bit time for making a naturally homemade humidifier, you are able to get a fresh and comfortable air to enjoy. So why don’t you try?

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