How to maintain humidifier filters

If you are looking for a tool which makes your home more comfortable, humidifier machine is the best choice for your family. It is an amazing product that brings humidity (moisture) to the air inside a single room or an entire building. This device helps to decrease health problems associated with low humidity particularly during the winter months. To illustrate, when the weather is cold, you can get many problems such as dry skin, chapped lips… But do you really know how to maintain your humidifier, especially the most important part humidifier filters?

The key of maintaining the filters is cleaning it. Depending on how often you use it and other environmental factors, it is recommended that you rinse yours once per day and thoroughly clean it at least once per week.  It’s important to remember that cleaning process depends on the type of humidifier filters you have, whether or not you have pets and other environmental factors.

Always clear all using manual book, how to use and clean it recommended by manufacturer. Take step by step every tips below will help your product has long life.

  • dirty humidifier filters If your humidifier filters is too old, do not hesitate to replace them. It will bring you many problems when using it. So buy a new one, you can see how it works and makes your health better.
  • During the cleaning process, you should clean all the spaces around the filter first with a mild solution of bleach and water. After that, you can clean the base beneath the filter with vinegar. The vinegar residue will help prevent future build-up and add a pleasant tang to the air as well. However, if the mildew is spotty and hard to remove, place the filter in the bleach above and soak for a good hour until you’ve gotten it all. To filters that are made of certain kinds of plastic or some materials can be harmed by chemicals, do not use vinegar and bleach soakings, just simply rinse and soak the filter in clean water.
  • After cleaning, fill the humidifier with a little distilled water because minerals in tap water often leave a build-up which increase the growth of bacteria.
  • Besides humidifier filters, it is strongly recommended that you should clean the other parts of every space in your house, especially the area which close to the humidifier as well as the intake area of the humidifier to extend your humidifier’s life.

Humidifier machine is a powerful tool to protect your health and make your room comfortable. However, it is not easy to maintain, especially the humidifier filters. If you are interested in purchasing one to help ease your breath or have any questions, you can go through this for more helpful information.

And when you have your new filters and humidifier ready, follow the video guide below to replace it (Aprilaire Whole House Humidifier – by Discount Filters) :

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