How to mix Essential Oils

To make an aromatic blending for the purpose of treatment or the fragrance is a mixture of creativity and science, not as ones wishes. Wrong combination can lead to many unexpected risks. In this article, we will give you the instruction about how to mix essential oils in the right way.

Pure essential oils themselves have the high nutrient characteristics, so it is always recommended that customers should not apply directly to the skin oils, for most of the oils. Only some significant kinds, except for some kind, can be applied to the skin such as Tea Tree oil.

To be able to use essential oils applied to the skin, it is always advised customers to dilute essential oils with carrier oils before use.

But not everyone has the knowledge of mixing oils to use to facilitate the use of essential oils of the customers; this article will guide how to mix the essential oils for an optimized and efficient use.

How to mix Essential Oils

First we will go into the conversion rate of oil formula.

  • 1 ml of oil resources equivalent to 20 drops of pure essential oils.
  • 5ml of oil resources equivalent to 1 tablespoon.
  • 30 ml of oil resources equivalent to 1 oz.

Above is how to measure the oil to get the correct rates when mixing.

Select the appropriate oil

Before embarking on the mixing of oil, we need to define the purpose of using essential oils and then select the suitable ones. Having done the two steps above, we proceed dispensing oil with the base oil, or oily conditioning to produce the best products. One factor to keep in mind is that the scent of essential oils should also be chosen to increase the inspiration for us.

Please list all the oils that we need to use. A characteristic that most of us will do when selecting the essential oils is choosing the scent we like best firstly and then think about the effects of the oils.

Select the appropriate oil

Reference the essential oils formula to apply

It is always recommended and warned the customers not to use pure essential oils directly on the skin to apply for this job, protect customers from many unnecessary troubles, because each person has a different body so that this warning is fully for protecting customers, not for any other reason at all. At the same time, the oil is diluted to decrease the high nutrient characteristics of essential oils.

When the oil is diluted you can base on the oil drops to estimate the amount for your purposes. (Dilution between components is 2.5% in ml with the base oil is diluted by 2 components and 1% dilution is of 4 components) The manufacturer has designed the Dedicated oil bottle has dropper for the users to easily calculate and convert to ml.

– Suggestions for oil dilution when used at 2.5%: just 10 drops of essential oil is mixed with 20ml of base oil. For example: 5 drops of sandalwood essential oils and 3 drops of lavender essential oil + 2 drops of orange essential oil + 20 ml of base oil or massage oil.

– Suggestions for oil dilution when used at 1%. Just 4 drops of essential oil is mixed with 20ml of base oil or any oil massage. For instance, 3 drops of essential oils rose + 1 drop neroli essential oils + 20ml base oil, massage oils or carrier oils.

Note: Particularly for children who are less than the age of majority, you should prepare 1 drops of essential oil to mix with 10ml of pure oil or baby oil.

Some mixing oil formulations

In the bath

Mix Essential Oils for Bath

Fill the bathtub and then drop 9-10 small drops of pure essential oils + base oils like jojoba… then stir to dissolve with water.

Mixing soap

You use 30 – 45 drops of essential oils into 8 oz. of unscented soap, pour it into the mold to cool down and bring it to use.

Mix Essential Oils with Body Lotion

Use 50-60 drops of pure essential oil in 16 oz. of odorless baby lotion, mix them together and rub the mixture into the skin, it works to make the skin become smoother.

Essential oils are highly concentrated liquids are distilled from plant leaves, roots, seeds, fruits, flowers, and trees … Oil will be used to affect the psychological and physical users, and when mixing different types of oil will create a stronger finished product, in both aroma and effect.

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