Humidifier Maintenance Tips and Operating Cost

As we have already known that a humidifier is an equipment which increases moisture in a room or the whole building. When the weather is too hot such as in desert, or when the temperature drops too low since low, what we can do to prevent our bodies from severe diseases? How can we save our furniture from being ruined, cracked, especially things made by wood? The answer is buying a humidifier, which will solve your problems immediately. Indeed, the number of people buying humidifier is more and more rising.

The fact that many people now are using humidifier makes it become a familiar appliance with most of us. However, do we have a right look on how to protect it properly? Maintaining humidifiers correctly is very essential if you do not want your helpful device become a disaster because it is an ideal refuge for bacteria, germs, mold and so on. More seriously, an improper-maintenance humidifier results in severe consequences. It affects not only sick people who suffer from asthma and allergies but also healthy people as it brings in lung-infection and flu-like symptoms. In this text, I will recommend you guys a few tips to protect your moisturizing device. Hope you will find it useful!

Humidifier Maintenance

Humidifier Maintenance Tips

Firstly, remember to clean your humidifier thoroughly at least once a week. The best option is using natural white vinegar, which doubles the ability of disinfectant and deodorizer. Empty your appliance, fill it with a mix of water and white vinegar in 4:1 ratio, keep it in about half an hour, then rinse. It’s very simple and easy to do, right?

Secondly, build up a routine of changing water in your humidifier daily. The best way is that you don’t have to change water regularly but it should be the distilled or de-mineralized one because it makes your humidifier less likely to expel white mineral dust into the indoor air, which means decrease the possibility that dust invade your lungs.

Thirdly, we need to consider about replacement parts. For example, one use UV germicidal light or a special germ-reducing insert. To do that, find out carefully about the unique features of your device and be familiar with them. Moreover, it’s a good idea to have your replacement parts on hand, so you can change your unit immediately instead of being busy with finding things.

Last but not least, the storage part is also important as when the humidifying season is over, if you do not keep your device in a good condition, you will ruin all the process of maintaining humidifiers. Make sure that before putting it away, you have already cleaned and dried your unit completely. Do not forget doing again before using it when the season is coming. It’s necessary too.

Operating Cost

Another issue that I want to mention in this text is the operating cost of a humidifier. Humidifiers are an essential part of our daily life, and we use them throughout the whole season on account of its benefits. So, how much will it cost to run a humidifier in each house? Does it use a lot of energy? Many questions like that will be concerned, I bet.

Generally, humidifiers of all types use as little energy as possible, except those with heating elements which consume more power than other types. The cost of humidifiers depends on capacity: the higher capacity, the more money you pay. Below are some examples that I want to give you to have a comparison:

Power rating  Per hour Per day Per week
100W £0.020.10 kWh £0.181.20 kWh £1.288.40 kWh
250W £0.040.25 kWh £0.463.00 kWh £3.1921.00 kWh
500W £0.080.50 kWh £0.916.00 kWh £6.3842.00 kWh
750W £0.110.75 kWh £1.379.00 kWh £9.5863.00 kWh
1000W £0.151.00 kWh £1.8212.00 kWh £12.7784.00 kWh
1500W £0.231.50 kWh £2.7418.00 kWh £19.15126.0 kWh


For most people, a room with humidifier will add few dollars per month to your power bill. Apart from paying bill for energy, you should pay attention to the cost of replacement parts, such as UV light bulbs and so on. One way to save your money if you want to buy a new humidifier is that purchasing several replacement parts with the initial order, at least enough for you to survive in the whole season.

Being well-knowledge of appliance in your daily life is very useful. We not only know how to take full advantages of that thing but also can save money from not destroying our device because of the lack of information. I hope my piece of paper will give you an overall look of a familiar appliance, humidifier. Thank you!

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