5 Ways to Naturally Purify Home Air

You are so much worried about the outside that you don’t even notice that you are missing something rooted in your room. The air you are breathing in could be more dangerous than the one you are afraid of facing while going outside. You must be surprised right. Okay now close your mouth because it’s still the same air. Now let’s talk about making it right. Before we discuss about natural air purifier, how to purify air in home and what to do for that, let’s concentrate on what no to do in that process.

natural air purifier

First of all don’t use too much paintings that emits VOC. It’s fine to show you taste in the creative fields but what you don’t know is that they are silently polluting your air. Better fill your own canvas with appropriate colors, no one needs to be Picasso for decorating their own house, so just let your taste reflect in the frame. In case you can’t take your eyes off of some masterpiece make sure it is a low VOC one.

Another tempting thing you must stop yourself from doing is buying any kind of kitchen or floor cleaner without reading its label. Exploring super market is fun but don’t experiment on the chemicals without knowing the composition. It can be dangerous for your kids and pets.

Now as you have got enough knowledge on what not to do, don’t sit idle. Get up, we need to look into some coolest idea to purify your air naturally.

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Salt lamp all the way from Himalaya

The name may scare you at first and you may think that you need to go to Himalaya to get this salt lamp but this is one of the easiest way to purify the air. This is basically a lamp that contains crystal salt and the bulb resides in it. The salt is crystalized around 200 million years ago. When the bulb inside gets heated it emits negative ions. These ions happen to neutralize the pollutant present in the room using this ionic property.

These lamps are available in different shapes and sizes with a wide range of design. Find one that complements your interiors and the warm light illuminating from the salt lamp is quite eye-soothing and would easily create a romantic atmosphere. You can also utilize it as night lamp in your kid’s room. It will silently purify the air while doing a lot of other stuff for you.

Beeswax candles

Most of the time we tend to go for scented candles but we overlook the fact that they are made of petroleum. They contains harmful chemicals like paraffin that are not suitable for allergic patients. Pure beeswax candles burn without any smokes and scents. Without any smoke the air is automatically healthier. Not only that the candles similar to the salt lamp, emits negative ions to eliminate the sustained particles of air with same mechanism.

The beeswax candles are a bit costlier than the regular ones but they burns slowly. As they last longer, you should not get bothered with the price because the overall expanse remains same with the purest form of air.

Natural air purifier

There are many scientific ways to purify you’re the air of your house like houseplant purification that is specially designed by NASA scientists. It eliminates harmful chemicals by usage of activated carbon but there is another simple and natural way to keep your air clean and that is quite effective with fewer expanses.

We can reduce the number of appliances that leaks heat and harmful chemicals. We can also plant trees that will clear the air with providing us with shades and making the interior more attractive. Apart from these, we can use ceiling fans and install heat blocking window treatment in our house.

More green to make your air clean

We all know that plants take carbon dioxide and releases oxygen that naturally purify the air. But recent studies on some plants proved that there are certain plants that absorb some very harmful elements like benzene, trichloroethylene, formaldehyde etc. There are plants like peace lily, Golden Pothos, Boston fern, Snake plant, English Ivy etc. that if you grow in your house, will purify the air effectively.

Bamboo charcoal or Moso bags

Charcoal is primitive and one of the most effective purifiers we have been dealing with since years. In recent days it has entered the field of beauty products also. These charcoals are proved to clear air effectively. The moso linen air bags, which contain bamboo charcoal of high density, are used here. It eliminates bacteria, moisture along with some other allergens and harmful elements. It locks the impurities in the pores. To reuse this bags just leave then in the sun once in a while depending upon the quality. Amazon and other shopping sites have variety of moso bags.

These are the best five natural air purifier ideas that we can use to purify home air. Choose any of it o may be couple and start working on it.

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