Recognize Real Essential Oils or not through Scent

With a very attracting and relaxing aroma itself, the essential oils can easily make people, especially women, become addicted to. However, for those who are seeking and buying essential oil for the first time without any experience, they may make mistakes in purchasing low quality oil. You not only waste money, but also have to throw it away because it’s dangerous to use.

Real Essential Oils

To avoid those cases, this article will give you some tips to distinguish and recognize whether the real essential oils or not.

Orange Essential Oil: If it has a sweet smell like the smell of a just opened orange juice bottle, it is mingled with synthetic flavor and is a kind of poor quality. 100% Natural Orange Essential Oil will has the orange peel and slightly lime smell like the orange peel smell when you trim it.

Lemon Essential Oil: If you smell it like a lime dishwashing liquid smell or it has smell of lemon bowel like the Sprite soft drink smell, it is absolutely mixed with synthetic flavor.

Peppermint Essential Oil: Even though the 100% natural essential oil has the medicated oil smell, we still feel the sweetness of mint leaves. On the other hand, the poor quality kind smells like the original medicated oil, but with very strong intense scent.

Lavender Essential Oil: High quality Lavender will spread the scent of wood, leaves and flowers while smelling. The sweetness of the flower will be slightly subtle your room all day long. The more you use this oil, the more you are enthusiastic with it.

Lavender Essential Oil

There are many different types of Lavender, which give you different scents and prices themselves. Therefore, when intending to purchase essential oil from foreign website, you have to know exactly which one you would like to buy as they sell a lot of kinds. Basically, there are 3 kinds:

  • True Lavender: this is the best kind of Lavender essential oil. It has the sweetness of flowers and the slightly smell of wood and leaves.
  • Lavender Spike: The average kind with strong smell of leaves and stems
  • Cheap Lavender: This has a very strong, intense smell like synthetic flavor of fragrant soap

Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil: The origin has a passion sweet smell while the poor quality smells like perfume with uncomfortable feelings.

Here are some cases of Low Quality Oil:

  • It may be synthetic flavor or mixed with synthetic flavor
  • Added with alcohol or solvents leading to slow concentration. Therefore, it is not fragrant, but also waste money (like slight wine and spirits). Besides, that poor oil has a different scent with the 100% natural.

Estimating the quality through feeling is only based on the comparison between reference simple and experience. The list below is the scents which are surely not the natural essential oil but still be sold in many places under the name of natural essential oils:

–          Lis –          Lilies
–          Cork Tree –          Porcelain flower
–          Chypre –          Ocean Scent
–          Cocoa –          Wildflowers Perfume – Frang Gipani
–          Strawberry –          Kiwi
–          Melons –          Raspberry
–          Pineapple –          Ginseng
–          Amber –          Orchids
–          Cherry blossom –          Apple green
–          Ginger flower –          Bamboo
–          Moke scent –          SPA oil
–          Seven Sea scent –          Tulip
–          Vanilla

Now you have knowledge to recognize the real Essential Oils, dont forget to check out my Essential Oil Diffuser Reviews and others guide here.

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