Should you choose an ultrasonic humidifier?

In winter, the dry air affects people’s health and causes certain illness, especially respiratory ones, so many people want to buy a humidifier to raise the humidity level. There are many types of humidifier on the market, varying from low-budget to the flagship ones. You can easily choose from one of these two popular types: an evaporative humidifier or an ultrasonic humidifier. Many consumers have chosen an ultrasonic one, but there are still questions among those who haven’t: whether an humidifier is good enough for your home, and how to choose a suitable one? Read this article and you will find out the answer .

How it works?

Every ultrasonic humidifier has a metal diaphragm which vibrates at an ultrasonic frequency to create droplets. The machine creates a high-frequency mechanical oscillation by a piezoelectric transducer. This will transform the water into mist of droplets of very small size. Then, the water droplets then come out of the humidifier as a cool fog, which will evaporate into the atmosphere and raise the humidity level. The mist gets out of the humidifier by a fan, but not every ultrasonic humidifier has a fan: some tiny kinds don’t Have a fan installed on them.

ultrasonic humidifier explain

Is Ultrasonic Humidifier good?

No matter what it is, everything has two sides. By comparing them with other types, we can determine the pros and cons.


+ Working quietly: The machine works perfectly quiet, thanks to its ultrasonic mechanism, when compared vaporizers or impeller humidifiers. The former has a water boiling mechanism and the latter uses a rotating disc to transform water into droplets. These methods will make noise while working.


+ Bad effect on health: Unlike the water in a warm mist humidifier, that in the ultrasonic machine is not heated. Consequently, bacteria will be spread into the air if the water is not fresh and clean.

+ Expensive: Compared with other humidifier types  (the whole-house humidifier is an exception, of course), the ultrasonic humidifiers is the most expensive. While some ultrasonic machines have both warm and cool mist-creation feature, they do come at a much steeper price.

Using tips

Ultrasonic humidifier usually provides only cool mist. Unless you spend more money for a dual warm/cool one, you should pay attention to your machine. You should use clean water, change water and clean your humidifier regularly to prevent potential harmful effects on your health.


Final words

An ultrasonic humidifier may be a good choice for your home in winter. This machine could increase the humidity level and contribute to your good health if used properly. Hopefully, this article has been meaningful to you and helpful in determining what is suitable for your household. Dont forget to check out my Humidifier Reviews on here with full details. It’s will help you a lot when you decide cho pick one for your home.


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