Use the Humidifier for Baby in Right Way

Many parents think that a humidifier is only necessary when a baby catches a cold. However, they don’t know that a humidifier may help your baby feel comfortable and sleep better, whether he is sick or not. Babies have sensitive skin and sensitive respiratory systems. Humidifiers are very useful especially in the winter season when the air becomes dry and put your baby at risk of breathing and skin problems. Therefore, having a humidifier in your baby’s room is a good idea. In this article, we will discuss how to use a humidifier for baby in right way.

Humidifier for babies


Choosing the right humidifier for your baby

Before knowing how to use the humidifier in right way, you need to know what a good humidifier for your baby is. Here are few things you have to keep in mind that might help you choose the right humidifier for your baby: type of humidifier, safety, noise level, and humidity level.

Cool mist humidifier uses a fan to evaporate water and is ideal for warmer climates. On the other hand, warm mist humidifier boils water by using the heating element and is ideal for cooler climates.

Some pediatricians prefer that parents use warm mist humidifiers because they kill waterborne bacteria and mold to prevent them from entering the air. Furthermore, they state that the warm air make it easier for babies to breathe.

  • Safety:

Cool mist humidifier is safer compared to warm mist humidifier because it eliminates the risk of babies being accidently scalded. In contrast, warm mist humidifier uses heating element so that the baby who gets too close to a warm mist unit can burn himself.

  • Noise level:

You should choose the humidifier that is not noisy so that the baby can sleep well.

  • Humidity level:

You should buy a humidifier that has an in- built humidistat. It allows you to control the humidity level so that your baby can avoid suffering from dry and itchy skin. The ideal level is around 30-40%.

How to use a humidifier for baby

Humidifiers are safe when it is used properly. However, you should notice to some safety precautions to ensure that humidifiers always help your baby and never harm him. Here are some notices and steps that you should follow:

  • Use distilled water rather tap water:

Fill the humidifier with distilled water. Tap water contains some trace amount of minerals that is not good for baby’s lung. For this reason, it is important to use purified water.

  • place humidifierPlace the humidifier far from the crib

Parents should keep the humidifier out of reach from inquisitive hands but not too far so that the moisture can reach the baby.

  • Run the humidifier at any time the baby in the crib

You can run the humidifier at any time but make sure to open the door to ensure adequate air flow so that moisture cannot build up on the wall and ceiling. Besides, you should keep the humidifier unplugged when not in used.

  • Clean the humidifier

This step is very important. Cleaning the humidifier daily or at least weekly not only maintains the machine longer but also helps avoid dangerous bacteria growth. Therefore, parents should follow the manufacture’s direction in cleaning and maintaining process.

Best-use suggestions

Whether you choose cool mist or warm mist humidifier, it is important to follow the manufacture’s instructions. In addition to the type of humidifiers, parents should also consider to the design features. A humidifier with auto shut off is a good choice. This humidifier does not run continuously, it automatically stops working when water runs out. So it helps save energy and safe for use. Besides, pediatricians recommend that you should get the humidifier with a built-in humidistat. This ensures that the air humidity will be correct of all times.

A well maintained humidifier provides multiple health benefits for babies. Thus, parents should clean the humidifier daily for the best result, and it only takes a few minutes.

I hope that this article has been helpful to the parents who are looking a humidifier for their baby and hope that you now know how to use a humidifier in right way.


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