If you are living in dry climate, your air conditioner is roughly drying eyes, hair and skin. If you want your house to have stable humidity level, I bet that you have ever think of buying a humidifier, at least one time. But do you know that a humidifier is not only used to add moisture? Everyone knows that dry air is harmful for the respiratory and immune system; causes sinusitis, dry eye, hair loss and acne skin. However, there is a fact that too much moisture means you will face to mold issues, the proliferation of bacteria and diseases. Therefore, a good humidifier should also have bactericidal and antibacterial functions to protect your health. And if you have no idea how to choose a suitable with these important functions, it is thought that you should buy products from a famous and prestigious brand, such as Vicks humidifier.

Vicks humidifier – Exclusive antibacterial technology

Founded from 1890s, Vicks has a long history of taking care of people’s health. As a humidifier producer, they promote their strengths to create a cool mist humidifiers which not only create comfortable feelings but also protect customer’s health with reasonable prices.

After years of research and development, Vicks patented an exclusive antibacterial technology named Kaz DynaFilter™ Air-Cleaning Filter which removes impurities, dust, pollen, and odors from room air along with humidifying. With this modern technology, you do not need to worry about the bacteria and risk of diseases lurking in the humid air in your house.

Vick cool mist or warm mist humidifier, which is a better choice?

Almost all American family is familiar with Vicks medical products. Many of them turn to be a daily used appliances in the winter. Especially, many parents have DayQuil, NyQuil or VapoRub as the top of their mind when their kids or themselves got cough, runny nose, congestion or sinus allergy. Vicks products for treatment of respiration are diversified especially types supporting products for reducing the nasal allergy. One of them is the humidifier. As many of you are using it and use more frequently in the winter, there is some confusion about the cool mist and warm mist humidifiers and where it should be used. Now, let’s discover the differences together and make your choice.

Cool mist and warm mist make the buyers puzzled. What are the differences between a cool steam and a warm steam blown out in the air? What are their effects and which one is better for your family? Now, let’s see what are the functions and features of cool mist and warm mist humidifiers:

 Vicks cool mist humidifier features and effects:

vicks cool mist humidifier

  • Produce cool steam in the air.
  • Consume less electricity (due to not heating water).
  • There is ultrasonic version but it is still noisy.
  • Suitable to use in large area such as office, living room.

Vicks warm mist humidifier features and effects:

Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier

  • Produce warm steam in the air by boiling the water in the tank.
  • Having steaming medication versions.
  • Minimize bacteria but intensively use may cause some mold and fungus.
  • More comfortable in cold months of winter.
  • More expensive due to the heating component in the device.
  • Use better in small areas like bedroom

Choosing cool mist or warm mist depends on many factors. For example, for family members:

  • If you are having an infant baby, of course, having a warm mist is so much better. In stead of putting on a dozen of clothes for the baby, wear his or her less clothes and turn to high level of the warm humidifier and make sure to put it far-better in a high corner.
  • If you are living with the older than 3-year-old children, it is better to hide the humidifier somewhere high and out of their reach or use the cool mist.
  • If your family members suffer from sinus infections or are easy to get cough or flu, they will find themselves more comfortable when breathing in the warmer and cleaner air thanks to the warm mist humidifier.
  • If you live in a warm climate, a cool mist humidifier does it great job to maintain the air cool and releases the itchy and irritating feeling because of sweating. Of course, for the cold climate area, a warm mist humidifier is always preferred.

Also, if you are neutral to the above factors, you must get that you have to clean for the warm mist humidifier more frequently than cool humidifier. Then, make your choice. It sounds strange but if you do not have to worry about kids, climate, and you just want relaxation, choose the ultrasonic version of the cool mist humidifier and enjoy it without having it cleaned several days after. More important, cool mist one consumes less electricity.

For Vicks products, they have V750 and V3100 which are warm mist and cool mist humidifiers respectively. They are at same price. Hence, you can base on these above factor and make your choice without hesitating.

Important information

Vicks provides more models for the cool mist humidifier. From portable model to night version and upgraded functions that are similar to warm mist – germ free model. Each models are labelled with different prices varies from 40 USD to 80 USD. However, diversification just puts the buyers into dilemma. Consider your purposes carefully before making the purchase. If you live with kids, it should be the cool one. If you need for medication, get the warm mist.

Biggest disadvantage of the warm mist is that, for family with big kids – more than 3 year old mentioned above, those kids are very hyper-active. Parents may be afraid that the boiling water mechanism may burn their children even by touching. It is more dangerous when spilling out because of the hot water spreading. In case of turning off, it also takes a while for the water to cool down. However, if parents are more careful, using the warm mist humidifier is better for kids of those ages due to its ease of cough or flu since children at those ages are very vulnerable to this type of sickness.

Another downside is for the warm mist is in case of intensively use, it may leave the room with feeling of a bit muggy and a smell of fungus and mold. They are developing in excessiveluly humid atmosphere. Beside, warm mist humidifier consumes more electricity for heating the water. As many things have to be considered and be careful for, warm mist humidifier sometimes is not preferred as cool mist humidifier, despite its advantages and benefits.

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Beside adding moisture and cooling down your house, Vicks cool mist humidifier can also eliminate germs, bacteria and other types of dust to keep the air fresh, fragrant and comfortable. Moreover, The Kaz DynaFilter™ is intended to prolong filter’s life by preventing bacteria and fungi from proliferating and growing on the surface of the filter. This is an attractive function. It is not only to protect the health of consumers, but it also help them save maintenance and warranty cost.

Beside common functions of a humidifier, exclusive antibacterial technology is a great advantage of Vicks humidifier. High quality, modern design, stable operation and a useful air – cleaning filter; all of which are at a reasonable price. Anything else do you want a humidifier to have? If you still have questions, just leave a comment to find out more interesting information about Vicks humidifier.

You can see a popular review on youtube about this kind of products:


Warm mist or cool mist humidifiers are useful devices in our modern home. For Vicks products, buy a package for cheaper price to improve your health and keep your respiration stronger. Vicks warm mist or cool mist humidifiers provide you with various models and versions. Before buying, remember some main features and take account of the purpose and condition of your family. Each product has its pros and cons, however, for Vicks, they manufacture more models for cool mist humidifier.

The cool mist humidifier is preferable due to its safety and electricity saving. It is suitable to use in big room and small active kids playing around the house. For the warm mist humidifier, parents are worried about the danger of hot water and the heat the device produces. Also in cold weather, intensive use of warm mist is comfortable but causes muggy and mold.

Above all, the medication purpose of the device should be prioritized. Easing cough and reducing sinus congestion is a special benefit from this device, which helps to support treatment in stead of using pills and absolutely improve our healths.

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