Warm Mist and Cool Mist Humidifier: How do they work?

A humidifier or vaporizer must be one of the most relatively necessary items in your home in the winter days, when extremely dry indoor air makes you and everybody in your family feel so uncomfortable that even also causes some symptoms of illnesses. Adding moisture into the air to remain normal and suitable levels of humidity in the room is exactly what a humidifier do. And the benefits that this appliance brings out, of course, are so important and undeniable for all of us, especially during very cold and dry winter months.

warm mist and cool mist humidifier

In fact, there are a lot of people using this type of machine so often, particularly in the winter when the heating system’s operation makes the air inside the house drier and drier that becomes unpleasant to breathe in. However, we guess that not all humidifier users knows how it works or by which way this machine can produce and add the moisture into the air.

But, understand how your stuff runs seems fairly important, which will surely help you use, operate and maintain the item correctly. That’s why we are about to introduce you the way that a humidifier works in this article. But first, to make everything clearer and easier for you to keep going, we want to tell you a little bit about differences between the two main types: warm mist and cool mist humidifier available in the market now.

Warm mist and cool mist humidifier

Warm mist humidifier

Basically, this item operates to emit steam or warm mist into the air, which doesn’t contain or contains a very small amount of bacteria and viruses. Not only bring out cleaner atmosphere to users, a warm mist humidifier also create warmer air with a moderate humidity level in the room, allowing us to feel less cold and inhale more comfortably as well as reducing some symptoms and irritations of respiratory passages.

Cool mist humidifier

Also works to add more humidity into the air of your house, but differs from warm mist humidifier, the cool one doesn’t release warm or heated air at all. Instead, it produces cool airflows and helps cool down temperature of the whole room, by that way also making us have good mood when the house’s heating system works continuously all day long.

That’s about the biggest difference between the two commonest humidifier types, but what makes this dissimilarity? It’s the time for us to find out the answer by figuring out how they work to create the mist right below here!!!

How do they work?

Warm mist humidifier

In order to produce the warm mist, a heating element is integrated inside the machine, playing the role of boiling the water contained in a large tank to create hot distilled steam before sending it into the air. Thanks to the heating up the water process, almost viruses and bacteria are eliminated from the released warm mist, making the air not only become cleaner and warmer but also have a suitable humidity level. And many people say that this is the simplest but so effective way of operating a humidifier. Additionally, this type of machine often has a medication pad slot, allowing users to add optional medication or scent pads into the humidifier.

Cool mist humidifier

Generally, cool mist is created by 2 ways, including: evaporating the water; and impelling the water then vaporize it. That’s the reason why we have up to 2 major types of cool mist humidifier that are Cool mist evaporative humidifier and Cool mist impeller one.

  • All cool mist evaporative humidifiers are equipped a wick filter, used to absorb the water from an included container or reservoir inside the machine. Then, an electric fan will operate to blow the air across the whole filter in order to evaporate the water and spread the vapor out into the air.
  • Besides, cool mist impeller humidifiers operate in another way as they have an electric motor that works to rapidly drive a pretty small spinning disc. About this disc, it sprays the water onto a diffuser at a very high speed; as a result, the water will be broken into microscopic droplets, then being widely released over the room.

Pick My Humidifier

That is some basic information about warm mist and cool mist humidifier and the ways they work to produce and add moisture into the air. As you can see, each type of humidifier has its own private operation principles to moisturize your indoor space that make it, of course, have certain pros and cons, so, don’t forget to get recommendations from your physician before purchasing any item. For some last words, we really hope that all of those things listed above have brought you useful and important details related to the humidifier!!!

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