Whether or Not: a Dehumidifier for Crawl Spaces?

Crawl space is usually the place that has high moisture but it should not be as the damp air will damage the structure and become the breeding ground for mold and mildew to develop. That, of course, is not good for your health as well as your structure of the house at all. Thus, finding out a way to prevent this risk is an essential thing to do. Among many ways, installing a dehumidifier for crawl spaces is not a bad choice.

To understand the reason why you need to own a crawl space dehumidifier, let’s check out other ways to do the detail comparisons

Actually, there are 4 ways to keep the crawl spaces in dry condition:

  • Install the vent
  • Set up the HVAC system
  • Have a small exhausted fan
  • Install a dehumidifier

Install the vent

If you and your house are in the trouble of high moisture, this is an ideal method to mention to when being asked. However, in the tropical climate or high moist region, this seems to be not a very good idea as in many cases, the moisture outside is higher than the inside so that the crawl space may get more humidity than usual. If you have a research in many houses in Southeastern US, they are the witnesses for the vent installation in the crawl space causing the disaster.

This method is just a good way in many dry climates. If you are not in this condition, you’d better turn into another choice.

The Vent

In conclusion, even though due to the survey, this is one of the most popular ways to draw out the high moisture but it is not all the time and all the climates. This way is really worse for those who live in the humid region.

Set up the HVAC system

If you would like to make the crawl space not to be stuffy, get a little bit air from the HVAC system is a common way. If the space has already the duct systems down there, everything becomes more convenient and easier to carry out. The system will release the dry air that help much in the crawl space.

However, this way the space is put under the pressure of a slight positive as well as the structure of the building under the pressure of a slight negative. And this change of air flow makes an effect on the house and the first symptoms are duct leakage, wind – induced pressure or stack pressure.

HVAC System

If you use this system for the summer days, it is very useful in the condition of all the air conditioners are in the right sizes. If the HVAC system runs in the enough long time, it will offer the ideal amount of relative humidity which is up to 70 percent to the space.

But, in the contrary, in the winter days or if the air conditioners are oversized, it is not good at all and has the same situation like the vent method.

In conclusion: although this way is recommended the most, it is still not good in all cases.

Have a small exhausted fan

We usually see this kind of fan in the crawl space of many huge apartment or mall center. But in this case, we are talking about the small exhausted fan for a smaller space at home. Due the calculation, with a 2000 square foot crawl space, it needs to have a 40 cfm exhausted fan to drawl out the moisture. However, in reality, it is just able to draw a little bit air. On the other hand, you will not know where the make – up air is coming from and you cannot control it. If the organization is not good, the fan will invite a huge amount of outside air into the space and that is not the thing you want, of course.

In conclusion: this may be work but it is not reliable enough.

Install a Dehumidifier for Crawl Spaces

Dehumidifier for Crawl SpacesIn this method, you will use an independent dehumidifier for the crawl space. This device controls the condition of the space, not the structure of the house so that it can do the best role in keeping the space out of the moisture. If you want to have the dry air in the space, it is the way to go. However, you need to know how to install crawl space dehumidifier in addition to buying additional equipment. They do require the maintenance. Even though this way is an expensive way, it is the best choice to save the space from the invasion of moisture.

Final Thoughts

From the above information, you can see the best way to deal with the air to keep it always in dry condition is installing a dehumidifier for crawl spaces. Even though the cost you have to spend on installing and buying the additional equipment are a little bit high, the operating cost is rather cheap and you can be reliable to enjoy the air in the safest condition for sure.

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