Why should you clean the Humidifier?

Humidifier MistIf you live in a tropical or dry climate where the weather are usually hot all over the year, there are many chances that you need to have a humidifier at your house to balance the moisture of the air. It is really a nuisance, right? Too dry air will cause the dry skin and many other diseases involving to your throat, your lungs, your nose, etc. But on the contrary, too damp air will be a good habitat for the mold and bacteria growing quickly, besides, it may ruin the walls in your house.

Turn back to the humidifier, for those who have a humidifier at home, they all know clearly that this device needs to be cleaned from time to time, not only any particular part, but also for the whole tool and must follow the instruction of how to clean carefully unless they want to break it down.

For those who are wondering how to clean the humidifier to help it works orderly and stays healthy, below is step – by – step instruction that you can read for more useful information.

1. How to Clean the Humidifier

There are 3 main parts that you need to clean clearly, which are:

  • The filter
  • The water tray
  • The frame

Clean the filter:

First of all, you need to unplug the device, and then remove the filter. Keep this part under the faucet and use cold water to swipe away all the impurities. After that, place it on a dry and clean cloth while you do the same thing with the other parts.

Clean the Humidifier


Do not use the cleaning chemicals to wash the filter as these toxics will gradually ruin it, which means the life circle of the filter will be shorter than usual.

Tips: To make this cleaning job quicker, you ought to choose a humidifier that can be unplugged easily. And before buying the device, you also need to read the instruction of manufacturer to know whether you have to change the filter usually or not, and then do the changing as the recommendation.

Clean the water tray:

Similar to the filter, firstly you have to remove the tray and pour out all the old water, then wash. But for this part, you need to use vinegar instead of only water. In details, use 3 cups of vinegar and fill the tray from the bottom to the top as well as all sides of it. Let it sit for about 1 hour to allow the liquid bring into play all of its effect, or you can use a scrub brush to wipe away all the grime at the bottom of the tray. Wash clearly with water.

The reason why we choose the vinegar for cleaning and do not use any other types of cleaner is because after you have cleaned the tray, in reality, they still remain a little bit on it and when your humidifier get the water from here to vaporize into the air, the toxics in the cleaner may cause harms to your health as well as your entire family.

Clean the frame:

For this part, you should use a sponge, soaking into the mixture of vinegar and water to wipe out all the dirt. This job will help your device prevent from debris entering into it and the growth of bacteria or mold.

2. How to prevent your tool against the bacteria

Change the water usually. If you keep the water for a long time without changing, the deposits collected will be harder to be removed. Pour out all the old water and refill water tray.

The time period to do the cleansing your device is about 3 days. If your family is in the winter, or one of your family members gets a cold, you need to clean it once per 3 days and a deep clean per 2 weeks to make sure your family breaths in a clean air.


The humidifier in particular and all the machines in general, they all need to be cleaned after a determined time period. For this device, you should clean the humidifier every once in a while. It really does, because your humidifier is a device that receives the water and then vaporizes it into the air. And nobody but you, it is you who with breath in that atmosphere. You do not want to drink a cup of coffee made from a coffee machine that contain a month – old water, do you? The same situation with this!

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