Why should you have a Dehumidifier?

In the previous article, we have talked about how harmful of the humidity. For the health reason, it is very important to maintain the moisture in the air in a standard level. While too little humidity can cause nosebleeds, dry skin, and many other unpleasant matters, too much moisture can cause a lot of serious consequences such as diseases, house damages, and money wasting. A dehumidifier can help you solve those nuisances immediately.

Should you have a Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier is a useful device that does the function of removing all the moisture in the air and offers the dry and warm air into the space. There are two dehumidifier technologies which are the refrigeration and absorption.

What does a Dehumidifier do? How do they work?

In general, a dehumidifier has 8 main benefits:

  • Reduce the moisture level; contribute the development of mold, dust, mites, and mildew to prevent you against the allergies.
  • While running, it does not cause too loud noise or even operate very smoothly and quietly, which make you feel totally comfortable.
  • Help to reduce odor molecules that are able to cause the mildew or mold in the air. Help your house to get rid of mites and dust absolutely.
  • Help to reduce the possibility that encourages the growth of bacteria and mold in the clothes, pillows, blankets, so forth and so on. Thus, it saves us from catching many diseases involving to the respiratory tract.
  • Do much help for those who have allergies with air or asthmas, give you the pleasant feeling while breathing.
  • Less moisture in the living space means that your clothes will dry faster than usual without having terrible smell and you will not find any sign of rust or corrosion on the electronic equipment such as computer, television, etc.
  • Decrease the amount of dust in your house, and the result is that you do not need to clean it regularly.
  • Limit the energy cost as it helps the air conditioner not to run hard. When the air is humid, the AC not only does the function of cooling the air but also remove the moisture. Besides, that leads to the fact that your air conditioner will shorten its life circle as well.

As mentioned above, a dehumidifier has 2 ways to operate. And here are the details of how each way works:


Its structure includes:

  • Fan
  • Cold evaporator coil
  • Warm condensing coils
  • Water collecting tray/pipe

By condensing the damp air, it helps to remove all the moisture out of the atmosphere.

Firstly, the damp air will be sucked by a fan and this part will lead the air upwards to the cold evaporator coil to cool below the dew point temperature. This step makes the moisture condense into liquid water contained in the collecting tray and removed manually or get through a pipe connected to the outside like the balcony or up to the sink.

Next, the air will lead to the warm condensing coils to heat again before releasing out of the machine.


Its structure includes:

  • Honeycomb Matrix
  • Process fan
  • Rotor
  • Reactivation fan

Firstly, the damp air will be drawn into the machine by a process fan and leaded straight to a honeycomb matrix. At here, the moisture in the air will be absorbed by the rotor and the dried air is released to end up the first stage of dehumidification.

Actually, the rotor contains desiccant materials which are the typically silica gel. It is not the normal gel, but the porous form of granular silica whose structure has a network of microscopic interconnected pores. When the damp air is passing through, these pores will suck the moisture in and let the dry air go.

Next is the reactivation stage. The rotor now has another role. When the heated reactivation air is blown into the reactivation zone, it makes the adsorption force become weaker and weaker so that the moisture is easy to escape from the desiccant materials and lead out of the space.


Nothing is worth than your health, so you need to pay more attention to the surrounding areas to have an immediate solution when there are any troubles such as the moisture in the air gets higher suddenly. A dehumidifier in your house is a worthy investment as your health will always be in good condition.

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