Air Purifier vs Air Cleaner: What are the differences?

With the development of the economy, many modern machines have designed to serve human’s need. Because of this variety, sometimes, shoppers are confused; they don’t know which one they should buy. We can take the cleaning equipment as the great illustration. People always misunderstand when compare air purifier vs air cleaner, while they are completely different. Today, we will help you distinguish these two items.

Air Purifiers Air Purifier vs Air Cleaner

In fact, the air cleaner or the air purifier has the same function. They are used to remove pollutants in the house. Due to these similarities, it’s very difficult to classify them. If we just try to understand its appearance and the mechanism of action, our classification will be not correct. To divide them, we should learn the pollutants they collect first.

Air Purifier vs Air Cleaner: Contaminants

When compare air purifier vs air cleaner, they both have the ability of disgarding the tiniest contaminants to return you a fresh air. They can remove the smoke of the cigarette with the size of just 0.003 microns or other pollutants with the larger size such as pollen and plant spore. Besides, if you have pets, the pet dander no longer is your concerns. You can believe in them. With the function of filtering the air, fleece will be prevented from blowing around the house. Other members in your family also don’t need to be afraid of the allergies to the pets’ dander. Your children can sit down on the ground or play around that you shouldn’t worry about their bacteria infection. These equipments can ensure goods sleep for all of you. Apart from the contaminants from inside factors, you also use these machines to put an end to the smell of foods and drinks after cooking.


The most important parts of these two products are air filters. Each machine includes two air filters or more. It is easy for us to know which one is the air cleaner and which is the air purifier by concentration on the air filter.

Air Filters

The first type is Carbon filter, which works with a HEPA filter to make the efficiency in a best way. Carbon filer uses to react chemicals and absorb contaminants and chemisorbent to disable them. With the help lasts the air filter live longer.

The second one is ion and Ozone filter. Some people don’t consider it as a filter, although it has the same feature of preventing the dust from the air. With this system, pollutants are not filtered. It makes them grapple in the walls of the house.

The third kind is Electrostatic. Similarly, the ion and Ozone generator, it has no filtering. They add the Ozone to throw the contaminants out of the air. However, this product is not a good selection for families whose members have problems related to the respiratory. The outstanding benefit is washable. We can clean the plates every day instead of replacing the filters.

The fourth one is charged media. This type is the same as the Electrostatic filter, but it takes the use of filters without plates. Consequently, we will need to alter after a short time. The most wonderful thing about this filter is the capacity of collecting the smallest microbes.

The fifth is Pre-filter. The air purifier and air cleaner cannot use this because it’s too big, in comparison with the body. Normally, the machine with a big size uses the pre-filter.

The last one is the HEPA filter. This filter with high quality is magical as we think. It has the ability of cleaning 99.97 percent of the dust. The HEPA filter is recommended to use in higher space.

Types of Air Purifiers

Air purifiers include three main kinds:

  • The whole-house air cleaner is the 1st type in this group. This machine has the role of the normal machine as well as be available on the market. However, this machine is very expensive and if you want to install, you have to be skillful. This device cannot be moved to different places like other models.
  • The second one is the whole air filter. This thing is convenient, and cheap. Additionally, anybody can use it because it is very easy. Besides these advantages, it also has its own disadvantages. This item can’t filter the air without you.
  • The last machine is a portable air purifier. This machine has enough functions needed such as light, various, and optional. Like the two above, it has some shortcomings. This equipment is just used to clean a small room.

With this sharing, we hope that you will have more knowledge as well as information about air purifier vs air cleaner, and you can have the best option for your house, simultaneously.

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