The best way to enhance your Air Purifier’s life expectancy

Nowadays, the air is polluted more and more. This thing affects people’s health negatively. Everyday, human, especially housewives, always wants to find the best solution to tackle this problem. They tried many machines, but it seems to be not useful. The surrounding environment in their house is not improved, that is the reason why they have a tendency to buy an air purifier to set up in each room of their house. The scientist has studied a wide range of machines to undertake the function of filtering the air; however, its result is not as good as they expect.

Investing on the air purifier is a smart selection. With this machine, they can save a great deal of money because it can replace for many other items such as air conditioners or fans. In the circumstances of the development, the earth has become hotter and hotter. In summer, people always feel uncomfortable due to the heat. They have to face with a lot of problems related to it. They wish to have a machine can protect them from serious diseases in the air. Scientists have created many air purifiers to touch human’s demand. There are two basic kinds of the air purifiers, including the machine with or without the moisture system. If your house already has an air conditioner, you can make a choice of the air purifier with no humidity. On the other hand, you can equip for your house a machine with the moisture. This one can help you to deal with the heat and provide a fresh environment for you to live and work.

How Air Purifier WorksThe air purifier has various functions:

  • Firstly, it can remove dangerous factors in your lovely house such as bacteria, mushroom, and dust to return your pure living environment. Your children can play on the ground without the worry about bacterial infection as well as get a deep sleep. In the living room, you will need an air purifier to erase the sign of smoke. Additionally, you usually feel unpleasant with the smelling of foods, after cooking; you always have a nightmare with this problem and cannot find out the method. This air purifier will bring to you all the features to help you to get stressed out. Furthermore, you can leave from the cause of lung cancer because of smoke thanks to this machine.
  • Secondly, an air purifier can save more space than other ones.
  • Last but not least, you can take the advantages of air purifier as items to decorate your house. It will look more attractive and modern.

The mechanism of action of the air purifier is quite simple. It was designed to absorb something like dust, pollen, microbes, chemicals, or smell of foods and drinks. The air purifier can throw away nearly 99 percent of pollutants with HEPA. Furthermore, it also can put an end to the heat of the summer by its electric fan system. The air purifier is a good selection of all families, but because of the functions of filtering pollutants, it’s very easy to be damaged. This is the reason why we need to take some steps to last its duration.

How to enhance your Air Purifier’s life expectancy

To keep your air purifier running well, you have to know which kinds you should maintain exactly. They contain electrostatic and filters.

The Electrostatic

Enhance your Air Purifier's life Expectancy: Electrostatic

Some people consider it as the most expensive thing of the machine; they believe that they will give up using it, if the electrostatic doesn’t work. However, they shouldn’t do that. We can repair or retain it because the price is very cheap and the process is not difficult to carry out. The first thing you should remember is that you have to clean the plates at least one time per week by water. If there is much pollutant, it will be very dirty depend on its capacity of collecting. Therefore, we need to do anything to protect it. The best way is cleaning. People tend to be lazy to wash it regularly because they indicate it is unnecessary. It’s frankly to speak, a clean plate can make your machine work more effectively.

This tool usually has filter system which are pre-filter and Carbon to make it work better. The first filter prevents tiny pieces from the plates. Though this part is important, you shouldn’t change it frequently. Another one collects harmful substances, after 6 months, you have to buy a new Carbon filter.

The air purifier with 3 filters

Air Purifier 6 stages filter

image source: Sylvane

This machine consists of pre, HEPA, and Carbon filter. This kind of air purifier has gained the popularity all over the world. Many people are in favor of this style, but it has more filters than the Electrostatic. Your tasks also increase because you need to maintain 3 filters. Pre-filters can be cleaned instead of buying the new one, if you want to save money. This layer has the purpose of intensifying the time of HEPA.

Similar to the electrostatic, this air purifier has the HEPA filters which can cluster the smallest things. Because of this reason, HEPA becomes the most high-priced parts. You have to digest a large amount of money if you want to replace it. The best way is that you can focus on this part and wipe it every day.

The last filter is Carbon. This filter can absorb chemicals and scent. The Carbon filter has a small size, which you must convert more frequently.

Final Thoughts

Here are some recommendations about a new machine generation which can create a breakthrough in cleaning your air. With this sharing, we hope that you can have more information as well as knowledge about this kind. Besides, you also can learn more about how to enhance your air purifier’s life expectancy. We think that you should speculate carefully to acquire it. Hopefully, this equipment will not make you disappointed and can make the favourable condition to enhance your living standard, or at least save your family by providing a good environment. Your parents can live in a healthy space to enjoy their life, and your child can develop well.


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