Dehumidifier Maintenance Tips and Operating Cost

Dehumidifier Maintenance

The winter is going to end and let the spring step in for the alternative. It means that the humidity in the air will be increasing gradually which leads to many annoying matters. Floors will be wet and become more slippery. It is even a nightmare for those who have the house structure made from wood or own wooden furniture as the high moisture will make them weaker and easily damaged.

In another way, the non – stop rainy days will create the convenient environment for dust smell develop and give your clothes terrible odor. In addition to some small effects on the outlook and physical side, the high humidity can cause harm to the health with many diseases such as cold, flu, skin cracking, so forth and so on.

These are the reasons why many people choose to use a dehumidifier to improve their house atmosphere. However, while using, there are many cases that some users face some problems with their machines. So this article will give you some tips on Dehumidifier maintenance and the operating cost.

Dehumidifier Maintenance Tips

How to use the dehumidifier in the best way:

  • Check and set humidity to suit each application and purpose, do not install too low because it will cause continuous operation machine which makes the machine shorten its longevity and increase the operating costs unnecessarily.
  • Never let the machine next to places where there are high temperature and flammable gases.
  • Machine should be placed away from the wall about 30 cm, do not put heavy objects on top of the machine.
  • Do not place the machine tilted because the pouring water in the kettle can damage other details.

Waste Water storage: Clean regularly (about 1 – 2 times / month) to avoid bacteria and mold growing in the container as well as influencing family health and life of the machine. With some cases that the machine has pipes to lead the evaporated water outside, you should check whether the tube is dusty or not and whether there are any strange objects stuck in it or not.

Clean the DehumidifierPieces Dust: at least once a month, you ought to clean the pieces dust one time, if you place it in the dusty environments, you should hygienic it every two weeks.

  • How to clean the dust filter pads: Typically, a dust filter pad is mounted behind the body of the device that it is rather easy to disassemble and clean. The piece of filter you should wash with warm water in 40 degrees of temperature with soap, then put in a dry and cool place to avoid direct sunlight and dry completely after the new installation into the machine.

Encountered errors while using dehumidifiers: When the machine has some abnormal phenomenon, (machine sonorous, not drawing out the moisture, automatically turn on or off …) you should contact a professional technical department for timely repairs.

Preservation when not in use: Plastic wrap machines: Machines are usually used only in rainy season and wet monsoon season, so during the time not in use, you should wipe, clean, and preserve it by wrapping it in plastic bag. Store the appliance in a cool dry place and avoid direct sunlight, so the machine will maintain the best quality. In the next time of using, it will promote the highest efficiency for the user.

Operating Cost

Alongside the maintenance tips, we cannot ignore the operating cost issue. We have spent a big amount of money to install and add the additional equipment to maintain and protect it, so there is no reason we have to spend much money on the operating cost anymore. And in fact, you just need to spend about $8 to $30 per month due to how much capacity you require on the machine in addition to the size and the feature of it.


With the reasonable operating cost and easy maintenance tips to reserve a dehumidifier, you can easily afford one machine at home to protect yourself and your house from moisture. With the basic information above, you will earn enough knowledge to save energy and money on this machine.

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