Home Cleaning: What is your to-do List?

With summer right around the corner, keeping your home clean is probably the last thing you want on your to-do list. Summers are for spending time outdoors, grilling burgers, or reading by the pool. Still, even when the kids are out of school and the sun is out to play, you have daily responsibilities that require your attention, including keeping your home clean and tidy.

Your summer home cleaning doesn’t have to impose on your plans for relaxing and adventure, but it will take some effort to develop a routine. Without a routine, you may find you are spending too much of your day picking up. We all know that creating a cleaning routine is a very individual experience, we can’t tell you exactly what will work for your home—but we can offer these tried and true tips for keeping your home spic and span without sacrificing your free time.

Home Cleaning

Create daily habits for routine mess

Let’s face it, life can be messy! Whether you are a parent of small kids or a single person working outside of the home, the day-to-day of caring for yourself and your family can create a lot of clutter and dirtiness in your home. One of the biggest tricks to keeping up with the routine mess of your life is to create daily habits to target these tasks. Don’t wait for the sink to fill to overflowing with dishes to buckle down and clean. Instead, load the dishwasher after every meal and run it before hopping into bed at night.

Whenever possible, enlist the help of other family members! Kids and partners should be responsible for their own mess, but you can teach them how to tackle daily tasks like picking up their dirty clothes or rinsing and loading dishes right after meal time instead of leaving them for later.

Find a schedule that works with your life

If you browse Pinterest for even ten minutes, you will discover that different variations of weekly cleaning schedules are plentiful. Schedules put out by bloggers can be a good jumping-off point for finding your routine, but don’t let their suggestions dictate your life. What works for one person might not work for you. Don’t be afraid to throw in the towel on a new cleaning routine if you find it takes up too much of your time. Find a schedule that works with your life and meets your personal expectations for a clean home.

Think outside of the box: Your air needs cleaning, too!

It is easy to walk into a room and do a visual scan of the dirtiest parts of your home. These obvious tasks, like wiping counters or dusting surfaces, often get the most attention since they can be seen by the naked eye. When cleaning your home, don’t forget to tackle the less obvious tasks.

Clean air is important to the health of your family and the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. Don’t worry, because keeping your air clean isn’t time-consuming—you simply need to invest in a reliable air purifier! The addition of an air purifier to your home can relieve family members from allergy symptoms by removing dust and pollutants from the air inside of your home.

Keep all of your cleaning supplies handy

For many, the cabinet where cleaning supplies are kept can become the most cluttered part of the house. Unused products pile up, taking up space and making it difficult to streamline the task of keeping your home clean. If you really want to revamp your cleaning routine, start by gathering the essential cleaning items you love and throwing away the rest. Once you’ve narrowed it down, keep all of your favorite products in one place. A moveable caddy is a favorite for many, since it is portable and can moved from room to room as your tackle each day’s tasks.

Clean your home

Whether you love to do home cleaning, or you’re the type to put it off until company is coming by, you can develop a routine that will simplify your life. With a more streamlined approach to keeping your home clean, you can spend less time cleaning and more time doing the things you love this summer.

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