How Humidity Affects Your Power Tools?

Humidity affects your power toolsPower tools come as a handy option when you need to cater to minor fixes and glitches. In fact, if you own a set of power tools and know how to operate them, you are in a good position to manage basic and minor issues without having the need to call in an expert. However, you ought to know about some very important aspects associated with power tools and its maintenance. Without proper maintenance, it will affect the longevity of the power tools.

Important Aspects of Storage

When you decide to store the power tools, you should keep in mind that it should be cleaned on regular basis, and maintained well in order to store them properly. By keeping in mind this basic routine, you are bound to have the tools serving you for a long time, and saves you enough time and money either of another investment or in terms of fixing the power tools.

Humidity Can Play a Spoil Sport

When you set your power tools to storage, you should always look for a dry place. When you think that garages, basements and other setups are convenient for storage, the thing that you might overlook is humidity issues. Such places generally have humidity issues, especially when you do not have either an air conditioner in it or even a heater. The dampness that humidity creates can be bad for power tools and you do not want to wish that for your precious tools.

Dampness in your basement

How to Cater to Humidity Problems

The first thing you need to do is avoid storing power tools in places where there is a chance and concern related to humidity. However, if you feel it is hard to avoid such setups, the best thing you can do is opt for a dehumidifier. Such an investment will not be expensive and be far worth it, compared to bearing the damage of spoilt power tools. The dehumidifier will keep the dampness at bay, and the good thing about such devices is that it is turned on only when the humidity level sets in.

Dehumidifier Benefits

Store in the Prescribed Cases or Boxes

Most power tools come in a standard box; they are easily placed in it because the box is designed to store all the pieces together. However, what you need to understand is that when you store the tools, do so in the boxes that they came in because they are designed to offer both basic protection as well as protection against humidity. When you read up on power tools on the internet, almost every website will recommend you this storage option. Even many band saw reviews make such a suggestion.


When it comes to taking care of your power tools, all it requires is some effort along with some commitment. For the help that tools generate, you need to know how humidity affects your power tools, you can return the favor by keeping them safe, clean, and get away from humidity. The process to do so is quite simple, anything but cumbersome, so spend a little time and your power tools will be just as good as new.

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