How to Diffuse Essential Oils?

A room with sweet smell always makes you feel good. My secret is use essential oils which bring not only good smelling but also fresh air. By diffusing essential oils, you can get many health benefits. The purpose of this post is to show you how to diffuse essential oils properly to get health benefits.


There are various ways of diffuse essential oils. Generally, it can be divided into two ways: by natural way and by using aromatherapy diffusers.

Natural Way

Diffusing essential oils in natural ways means you do not use any machine or equipment to disperse essential oil molecules into the air.


– Place 2-3 drops of essential oils on a tissue and keep it near you.

– Refresh with one drop every hour. This is a quick method and it can be used anywhere, and anytime.

You can use it on a plane, bus, or in your desk at work place. However, this method does not keep the aroma last long, and it won’t reach far.

Terracotta pendant:

Terracotta pendant

– Lay the pendant flat and apply one drop of essential oil.

– When the oil is completely absorbed, it is ready to wear. You can also hang it in the bathroom or on your car.

Generally, one drop will diffuse for one to two days before more oil is needed. Adding too much essential oil or adding it too frequently will cause the pendant become saturate. So after a few days you can refresh the surface of the clay by cleaning it with soap and vinegar.

Candle (use natural candles made with beeswax or soy):

– Put 10 or 20 drops of essential oils into a bowl.

– Add 1 tablespoon of grape seed oil to the bowl. Blend the oils together. Mixing the essential oil with the vegetable oil extend the oil so that you do not have to use as much.

– Use your finger rub the entire candle with the mixture essential oils; wait for at least one hour before lighting the candle.

Essential Oil Diffusers

The scent lasts for several hours depending on how long the diffuser was and how much oil was used.

There are several types of oil diffusers. All of them do the same job. However, each type of diffusers has different way of releasing or defusing the oil into the air. There are four main types of essential oil diffuser and they are listed below with a particular description of each one.

Essential Oil Diffusers

Ultrasonic diffuser or humidifying diffuser: this diffuser uses a small disk under the surface of water and essential oils, then due to electronic frequencies to create vibration which will cause the spread of essential oils micropaticles into the air. This process creates a fog or mist that is suitable for aroma therapeutic environment. However, the scent does not travel far; it works effectively in a small room.

Nebulizing diffuser: it works similar to the basic perfume atomizer. It places the essential oil into the air in the form of droplets without using heat or water. Generally, you should not diffuse for more than 15 minutes. You must use with a timer which will automatically turn it off, so that you do not to become “immune” to the essential oil you are diffusing.

Evaporative diffuser: this diffuser is very basic in operation. It works due to the fan or heating element that distributes the scent. Essential oils drop onto a filter, wick or pad then they are heated up and evaporating the oils. Another way is that a fan blows air through a filter or a pad where the oils placed and vaporizes the oils. This kind diffuser is easy to use but the scent does not last for a long time.

Heat diffuser: this method uses a heat source to disperse and release the essential oil. The oil is placed into a small tray or bowl like object that has a light, candle or heating element under it to heat the oil and diffuse it into the air. You can bring this diffuser with you when travelling but it will not fill a large room and the scent is not long-lasting.


Eeach way of diffuse essential oils has advantages and disadvantages. Choosing which one depends on your personal choice and what works best for your situation. Diffusing by natural ways is cheap, but it seems more suitable for your ‘personal space’. On the other hand, using essential oil diffusers cost you much more money, but they bring many more benefits to your entire room.

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