The Dangers of Dust Mites and How to Prevent Them

After a long tiring day, it is relaxing to rest on your beloved beds holding your favorite pillows. However, your bed mattress and pillows may be a loving home of millions of dust mites.  Bed place provides an ideal environment- warm and wet, where dust mites can slough off skin cells to live.

What are dust mites?

Dust mites are tiny creatures which belong to spider family. They feed on dead skin cells of people and animals. They create their havens in your mattress, pillows, furniture, or curtains. Exposure to dust mites is bad for skin and health, especially to those who have sensitive skin or often suffer from allergy.

The dangers of dust mites

How to prevent Dust Mites


This ubiquitous microscope bugs usually trigger allergy symptoms.  Symptoms of being allergic to dust mites include eczema, watery eyes, blocked nose, clogged breathing, and coughing.

Some people also experience red swollen bumps on their skin when they sleep on a dust-mite affected mattress.  They produce allergens that damage your skin like being attacked by insects.

A lot of studies indicate the connection of dust mite bloom and asthma. More than a half of asthmatics are bothered by dust mites. Asthma sufferers expose to dust mites usually find the symptoms worsen. They are more likely to get fatigued and depressed.

Dust mites allergy can lead to the shortness of breath or even food poisoning.  It is vital to prevent them from thriving in your home.

How to prevent Dust Mites

1) Make bedroom safe


Wash bedding regularly

Dead cells fall off from our body every day. A huge part of them remain in our bed place. Do you know that your bedroom may contain 100,000 to 10 million dust mites? It is a shocking number! That is the reason why cleaning up your bed regularly is important.

Use hot water

Wash bed covers in hot water once or twice a week. Water temperature for washing should be over 130 °F to eliminate mites effectively.

If you are not used to washing big items, you should take them to a good laundromat.

Use vapor steam cleaning

A machine with dry steam wipes away dust mites and other allergens. Vapor steam cleaning is extremely helpful with hard-to-wash mattress, carpets, or couches, which cannot be done by a normal washing machine.

Buy new mattress and pillows

Do not pick a used mattress. It could have been contaminated and may contain tons of dust mites. Also, throw away wall-to-wall carpets and more-than-6-month pillows.

Spend time for vacuum-cleaning

It will remove airborne particles as dust mites, vacuum  wood floor, carpet, mattress regularly and carefully. The best vacuum  is with a HEPA filter. You need to replace the filters once a year or a little sooner with heavy use.

Use freezer for stuffed toys

Wash stuffed toys as often as possible. You can cover them in a bag and put them into the freezer. Leave stuffed things for at least 24 hours to prevent dust mites. Your children will have fewer allergy risks thanks to this.

The combination of freezing, dry steaming, and vacuuming helps to combat dust mites to the fullest. Take separate step is not enough, according to the studies at NIEHS1.

Essential oils

Choose washing products which contain essential oils such as tea tree oil, lavender, or eucalyptus to maximize the washing effectiveness.

2) Check air humidity and quality

Dust mites grow when the humidity is over 50 percent. Adjust the humidity from 40 to 50 percent to prevent your room from dust mites. Be aware not to keep the humid level too low.

When you are indoors, a good ventilation is a must. Be sure that you are breathing fresh air. If the ventilation does not work well and you cannot fix it, try an air purifier. The good thing is, setting up a dehumidifier and air purifier also control other allergens such as pollens, mold, cockroach feces.

Control of the environment around they place you work. Keep your desk clean and remove damp. Clean up your desk! Hard work pays off!

3) Make use of sunlight

Sun light

Direct sunlight is the enemy of all dust mites. Hang bedding and clothing when the sun shines brightly. Leave them for a few hours to make the most of the sunlight benefit.

Keep in mind that outdoors allergens can stick to bedding hung outside in a line. So, you need to avoid hanging on the day when the pollen count is high.

If exposure to sunlight is not adequate to prevent dust mite matter, you may try dust mite covers to stop these stubborn creatures  or use dust mite aerosol sprays to kill them. However, sprays can be very expensive and time-consuming.

4) Look after your furry friends

Along with human dead cells, pet dander provides food for dust mites. Take a stroke to brush your cat or dog’s fur while you are outside the home.

Leave pes outside as much as possible. If you let them in, make sure you wipe their coats with a damp washcloth.

I hope you know well how to prevent dust mites effectively. If you follow these steps, you have less chance to suffer from unwanted guests- allergy and asthma symtomps.

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