Humidity and Human Health

Not only you but all people feel tired when the humidity in the air changes whether it is increase or decrease. From your health to your house, even your wallet will be affected by the humidity changes. Thus, it is very important to protect yourself from the weather and moisture level.

Relative Humidity

Negative Effects of Low Humidity

When the humidity is under 40 percent in the air, it means that it is low and this usually happens in the winter which has cold weather and dry air. This condition can disturb the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew. It seems like a wonderful time but you may be wrong.

Low Humidity

Dry air will cause dry throat, dry skin, and dry sinuses that make them hard to lubricate. And the result is you will catch a cold or sinusitis easily. Even though in cold weather, the bacteria or mold as well as mildew cannot grow, this is a good habitat for the viruses to live longer and you are in the risk of contracting infection.

Solution: Buy a Humidifier for your baby and Family

Negative Effects of High Humidity

The easy signal to recognize that the humidity climbs up to 60 percent or more is affecting on our body is hair. It will be frizzy and this state is not comfortable at all. The reason is that high moisture in the air makes your sweat not be able to evaporate as fast as it needs to do. In a simple word, your natural “air conditioner” is broken down.

High humidity has many negative effects that you may not know clearly:

Effects on your health:

Humidity and Human HealthHigh humidity is a good habitat for the mold and mildew grow very rapidly. You may not know about their existence because they cannot be seen in naked eyes. But if only you could see, maybe you do not want to breathe anymore. Once the mold and mildew get into your body, they will be very highly toxic there. Dust mites really love high humidity habitat because it can develop quickly, and also these are the reasons why you catch the allergies with many unpleasant symptoms such as coughing, sneezing nose or cold. People who live in a space that contains a high amount of bacteria and mold will be very easy to get sick. Maybe they are not dangerous to your health but it is really a nuisance. By getting a dehumidifier, this machine will take out all the moisture from the air and pay back the dry and clean air for your living space.

Effects on your home:

Your health comes first, and your home is the second. The premise signal you can recognize easily is the smell of basement in your house where there is poorly ventilated. In addition to the smell, the high moisture will absorb into the pores of the house and damage all the structure. The most serious case is that mold and mildew grow so well that they climb up to the walls and you can see it clearly.

Do you know how people make guitars or chairs? How can they bend it without breaking? It is all because of the steam. The heat will make the structure of the wood become weaker and easy to curve and the same case with the wooden structure in your house. Can you imagine that? And now you are able to understand how serious of the matter.

High Humidity Cause Problem to your home

Peeling paint or wet stains on the walls are also the signal that your house is evaded by the high moisture and it is the red flag that you need to find an emergency way to rescue it.

Effects on your wallet:

The wallet here has the meaning in both literally and figuratively. Your wallet is made from leather which is very sensitive with the high moisture. If it has to attach to the humidity in long time, it will be damaged. Besides, to overcome all the injuries, you will have to spend a lot of money. If you have allergies to the air, it means that you also need to spend extra money to heal it.


In summary, humidity ruins your health, your house as well as your budget. Therefore, whenever you recognize any sign of the moisture on your health or there are molds or mildews in the house, even though these signs are very tiny, you need to find a way to fade them out.

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